mastermind in time - 11.30am/ 01.24.02
current music : jimmyeatworld - rockstar

just realized, i cant go to MD next weekend. i have plans here in richmond. just hang out with some friends. that sort of thing. this morning, i walked my bike outside about to hop on it, and i put my gloves on cause its jan 24th, its supposed to be cold out. i stop midway cause its feels like its about 60 degrees. its cloudy but its nice as hell out. good stuff. too bad, like every adult, i have bills to pay, thus i must work.

turns out one of my tests that was supposed to be last night, is really tonight. i rocked my win2k admin test last night. i've actually been readin up on the A+ certification stuff. took an online practice test, and i did really well on it. maybe i'll pursue that one along w/ novell and mcse.

my department at work is getting handed the Faculty Evaluation project. makes sense cause i work in Long Term Data. im supposedly taking on a more managerial role, which is ok with me. i did that Fac Eval stuff for about 5 months total when i was a student at vcu. it isnt that bad, just a bit mind numbing. i'll be fine. lunch time is over

one more thing, one last good-bye may last the rest of your life.
think about that one...

sunblock - 9.30am/ 01.23.02
current music : baz luhrmann

dont waste your time on jealousy,
sometimes you're ahead
sometimes you're behind.
the race is long and in the end, its only with yourself
baz luhrmann - everybody's free

i remember being in senior year in high school. in may, about to graduate from high school. i was scared shitless, then i heard this song on the radio, you know, the sunscreen song with the guy talking. as cheesy as you might think the song is, its quite amazing. the song, well the poem, was written in the Chicago Tribune, by a middle aged woman, as a gift to young people in our age. its a grab by the neck, trying to shake some sense into us. a form of advice, coming from her own experiences. one day we'll all be that old, trying to shake some sense into our kids heads. to realize that life is short. this song reinforces. i've always been bothered by how short life is. in a timeline, our lives arent even worth a spec on that line. our lives are so inconsequential. almost meaningless. in 40 years i'll be 60. probably near death. i hope somewhere along the line, i do something that matters.

thinking about this song, how its an older person dispensing advice to young people, i think about my parents. my parents are divorced. i lived with my dad until i was in high school. i thought everything was fine when i lived there. then i moved in with my mom, for high school. i couldnt stand my stepfather. i was being stubborn. i never had the closest relationship with my father. i dont think any of his kids did. i just have some unanswered questions that make me wonder about his intentions. then i look at my friends and their fathers. the way they interact. the way they spend time together, its like that 'adult passing advice to the child' happens without them even realizing it. the older teaches the younger how to be old without even knowing it i think. im not asking for.. i dont know what im asking for. i guess nothing. and it does nothing for me to think about this kind of stuff. maybe its time to patch things up between myself and him. i think im gonna spend a weekend up there sometime soon.

frodo lives - 1.05pm/ 01.18.02
current music : none - i forgot my headphones today

went to 7-11 earlier to get some chocolate milk. i walk past the village cafe, its your usual cafe/eatery/bar, all in one. the bar is right up against the window and you can see right in. at 9:52am there were 3 people drinking beer. one word, damn.

nate said he'd be down here around 5. hes bringin the ps2, oh yes! and jon doesnt know when hes coming down, but he better. i really want to see orange county and the royal tenenbaums. i think nate said something going to see orange county. nope, now we're going to see Lord of The Rings again. hey, im game. its 1.00 in the afternoon, and im about to pull my hair out. i want to leave and go home. im almost done all the work i can do today, i think i'll leave early. no point in sitting around doing nothing.

forever blue - 2.01pm/ 01.16.02
current music : wheatus - a little respect.mp3

download Wheatus - A Little Respect.mp3 forget that teenage dirtbag song, this Erasure cover is damn good.

bandwidththieves - 09:15am/ 01.16.02
current music : travis - writing to reach you

apparently, tripod has started to impose bandwidth limimtations, just like Geocities did a while back, basically whoring out their new pay service. im sure as hell not payin for a host like tripod, they dont even allow CGI. i can get 350MB of storage and 15GB of transfer w/ cgi, php, mysql, with unlimited subdomains for 15 a month. whenever tripod starts giving me problems, im changing. if any of you guys view my site and it says that i've reached my bandwidth limit, let me know.

these are the roots&rythmns - 11:15am/ 01.15.02
current music : paul simon - under african skies

while looking for a cd earlier, i found a backup cd i made. i brought it to work, hoping it would have some mp3s on it. i was in luck. good stuff. from about a year ago. classic songs like, pixies - where is my mind, & paul simon - under african skies. good stuff. good stuff. whilst on the topic of music, check out Reggie and the Full Effect. some tasty morsels by those full effectors, Thanx For Stayin, Relive The Magic Bring The Magic Home, Another Runaway Song, & (as a tribute to nate and bill)Dwarf Invasion.

dont have class tonight, gonna do laundry. i have about 2 baskets full of dirty clothes. pretty nasty. need to read about 80 pages for pc maintenance. last night, we got in groups and disassembled and reassembled a computer. fun as hell. man, im a dork. its lunch time.

it just dont stop - 9.45am/ 01.14.02
current music : david gray - my oh my

i am Dante, from Clerks

You have a very simple view of life, and it takes a lot of convincing to get you to break your routine. You seem to overreact over petty things, and your one track mind keeps you from focusing in on your main problem: the fact that you never let go of the past. You're too busy thinking about what used to be that you don't notice the wonderful things you have right in front of you. You fail to appreciate your interesting adventures because of the broken record playing in your head: "I'm not even supposed to be here today!"
Take The "Which Kevin Smith Male Are You?" Quiz!!

i, like brad klaus, am Dante from Clerks. i kind of related to that guy, he was my favorite character in that movie anyway.

got my tires changed yesterday, finally. now my car isnt 'all over the road' when im driving on the downtown expressway. it actually has traction.

according to nate, im an emo kid. i guess you could say im pretty emotional. yea i am. i think about things too much, instead of lettin every thing just slide. if theres one thing i need to work on, its that.

no time to think now, have to get back to work.

runnin down, in circles- 9.33am/ 01.13.02
current music : sunny day real estate - in circles

havent posted in a few days and numerous people are kickin my arse for that, so im gonna post. this weekend i chilled here with rocky. it was good. i got a lot of reading done. between school and work, my weekdays are filled up. and sometimes i just need to relax and do nothing for a weekend. and next weekend should be fun, if it works out. nate is supposed to come down and jon doesnt know yet. i hope they both come down.

new topic. leavin in about 10 mintues to get my tires changed. that is, if freakin walmart has em. i sure as hell am not going to a dealership or a mechanic to get new tires and pay 60 bucks a peice. we'll see. if the one on Brook Road doesnt have my size, then i'll have to go to the one in the Southside. damnit i will get tires for my car.

topic three. for those of you willing to expand your musical tastes a little bit, and not listen to the same stuff everyday. check out a band called sunny day real estate. my girlfriend got me into them, and everyone i know that knows of em, highly recommends em. check out songs such as in circles, seven, 47, grendel. i guess i would classify them as indie, some people call em emo. i dont know what you'd classify em as. or just call em Indiemo. hey i think i just thought of a new genre. either way, time to go.

you do it to yourself - 2:45pm/ 01.10.02
current music : modest mouse - styrofoam boots

once again my car is being a bitch. i dont know whats wrong w/ it or if anything is. yesterday i was leavin for class, and when i'd hit the gas pedel it would jump, but it would move. well i drove it back to my apartment, and rocky was able to come home early to let me use his car. while i was gone he tested it, and it ran fine, what the hell. maybe the problem is fixed. the car sat there for about 2 weeks, while i was at home. maybe the gas got old. not much of a car guy, so i dont know. rocky is tryin to get me to buy his car, dont know if could swing that car payment and insurance. im sure the insurance would be a high as hell, cause the male is the bad guy.

onto to things musical. i was listenin to Echo, the online radio station i listen to at work, and a song came on, i think its one of the best songs ever written and recorded. it is, quite possibly the best song of the 90's. its Sinead O'Connor's Nothing Compares To You. its classic, and her voice is like a rusty spike into your chest. golden. ok im done sounding like a woman. another band/arist i've been diggin lately, ben harper. fight for your mind will change your outlook on life. it did for me. i remember sitting in Tim's room freshman year at vcu, and Beth put the cd in, i was blown away. incredible stuff.

by the way, check these guys out, the Grassy Knoll. get a song called less than one.

i got a test tonight in PC upgrade/maint. gotta study for a that thing. lets just my car will make it to class.


big bro - 5.36pm / 01.09.02
current music : none
The National ID

read that? ok. i understand that the government has a record on me and every other US citizen, but when you start bring biometrics into play things get crazy. credit card theives do it all the time, they have the ability to swipe your card in a reader, get the data off the magnetic strip and press a new card w/ that data on it. its possible and it happens more than Visa wants to admit. now just think if your wallet gets stolen and you're carrying this proposed biometric drivers liscense. if the theif was smart enough, he could copy the data, and REALLY pose as you. The US is on its way to becoming a Police State, where we'll be forced to carry ID's constantly, and if we dont have one, we'll be called terrorists. im sick of everyone willing to give up their privacy for 'safety'. yea, right, the goverment is corrupt. thats not to say the government doesnt do good things, but when you have people with deep pockets and their hands in the cookie jar, someones not gonna have any more cookies left. the same people that fought for Roe v Wade and the right to a woman's privacy are now screaming for more intrusive laws. i dont understand you stupid people. and yea i know, i bet at least one of you people reading this can say, 'if you dont like the US then move somewhere else'. you know what i say to that? Fuck You! im a US citizen and if i want to bitch and complain about how MY goverment is run, mind you i said my, the government is supposed to be working for the PEOPLE, then i will complain and bitch because my tax dollars pay their salaries.

i'd like to thank the academy.


resist&multiply 10.35am/ 01.08.02
current music : dashboard confessional - age6racer

last night, had class. they are gonna be a doozy. win200 admin, i have about 60 pages to read before tomorrow, and the class covers an entire 400 page book in 7 weeks. pc upgrade/maintenance, i have 70 pages to read. im actually lookin forward for a quick paced course load. it will keep me motivated to read.

onto music, this past weekend nate came down, and i listened to the new incubus cd, morning view, and i must say i dig. i didnt think i'd like it, even tho i really enjoy make yourself. morning view is much more mellow than make yourself, but its good. you can put it on and just chill, its really good stuff. i think i might actually buy it.

i was thinkin earlier bout how i need the ability to be able to post comments to my site again, meaning i need webspace. i like people having the ability to give their opinion on what they think of me and/or my posts. i think im gonna go with host rocket, but i still need to get money saved up, im tryin to slash expenditures to start paying off my credit card. i wanna at least try to be as ahead as possible as soon as i can.

my girlfriend is coming down today, she and her friends are having a little get together at her friends house in richmond, gonna eat some dinner w/ em and hang w/ my girl a bit. good stuff. i think thats pretty cool of them, they all get together during break. on the rare occasion that my friends do that, oh wait, that hardly ever happens.

'To resist is to piss in the wind.
Anyone who does will end up smelling.
Knowing this, why do I defy?
Because my inner voice is yelling.
There is a fist pressing against
anyone who thinks something compelling.
Our intuit we're taught to deny,
and our soul we're told is for selling.
Get out from under them resist and multiply!
Get out from under precipice and see the sky!
Get out from under them Resist, unlearn, defy!
Get out from under precipice and see the sky!'
    incubus - out from under

nightblindness 3.00pm/ 01.07.02
current music : david gray - say hello goodbye

things are goin really well. the first classes of the term begin tonight, they were cancelled last week cause of the damn blizzard we were hit with. i wanna get back in the groove of things. never thought i'd say this but i need stuff to do, structure. i dont like sitting on my ass every night in front of my computer, aside from the 'benefits' (you sick ass, i know where your mind is). i get lazy and fat. either way, i have windows2000 pro admin, and computer upgrade/ maintenance this term. it should be an exciting one. its raingin again. ugh. and i still havent gotten new tires for my car. never any time, and my tires are nearly bald, i guess i'll go this weekend. im on the brink of becoming burned out. yea, i feel like im being pulled from every direction. work, school, personal commitments, friends. it makes it hard for me to decide what to do when i have the little free time i get. this coming term at school is gonna be even harder, two very reading intensive classes. and school has to come first. if im gonna have any type of future, i need to get school straight. doesnt mean im going to take other responsibilities any less seriously. either way, i gotta jet.

starwars 12.13am/ 01.07.02
current music : jimmy eat world static prevails cd

Episode IV leads us away from here. don’t expect to find what you’re [looking to]. i can see the light leading away from you. let’s disappear, we’ll take a trip of no return to outer space. and swim in pools which keep us warm, cleaned off the sand from off your feet. we’ll dance off time to the songs we’ve never liked. and sing off key thinking it sounds all right. and you know I almost lost my will to live. [we’re sure] you tell time in your. episode IV leads us away from here. don’t expect to find what you’re [looking to]. let’s disappear, both take a trip of no return to outer space. and swim in pools which keep us warm, cleaned off the sand from off your feet. we’ll dance off time to the songs we’ve never liked. and sing off key thinking it sounds all right. and you know I almost lost my will to live. [we'll show] and tell time one more time. and you know I almost lost my will to live. [we'll show] and tell time to your friends.

jimmyeatworld - episodeIV

quite possibly one of jimmy eat worlds best songs. bar none, hands down. next to call it in the air that is.

reggae & gt3- 10.49pm/ 01.05.02
current music : nirvana unplugged cd

nates down for the weekend. brought the ps2. awesome stuff. gots Onimusha, Metal gear solid 2, and of course, grand theft auto 3. ps2 rocks. screw xbox. played a bunch of it today and last night. i got bored earlier and i thought i would finish my goal of settin up this old emachines as a linux router/firewall. got mandrake linux installed, and get it hooked up to the network, just need to have it share our cable connection and we'll be set. went to the strawberry street cafe earlier. great food = me go there alot. came back, played some more games. then went for dinner at wendys and stopped by OfficeMax to get another network card for the linux box. they were closed. what kind of store closes at 8 on saturday. whores. came back. messed w/ linux some more and played some more ps2. now im typing this about to go play some more ps2.
does anyone have trouble viewing my page? people have been saying that the 'news' portion of the site covers up the niceguys logo. let me know AIM: freeefalln email:

stopcollaborate&listen - 10.04am/ 01.04.02
current music : death cab for cutie - scientist studies

the roads are still shitty. covered in ice, i fell nearly 5 times riding my bike here. i can see them not worryin about the sidewalks, but come on, the streets? whatever.
so im at work, listenin to the death cab for cutie cd i gots. and i have two songs i think you all should check out.

death cab for cutie - no joy in mudville
death cab for cutie scientist studies

great songs. check em out

backinblack - 8.56pm / 01.03.02
current music : rusted root - magenta radio

what do we have here? a new design AND about 7 inches of snow in Richmond? well slap me silly and call me Shirley. Two bonuses in one day. rock. so yea, theres alot of snow on the ground. so i get up early to get ready and leave a bit early so i can get to work on time. i leave at 815, have to be there at 9. roads covered in snow/ice, not easy riding a bike and i sure as hell didnt wanna drive my car, i think my bike was safer. took me 30 mins for a 10 min trip. lock my bike at the gate, slide my ID card, and the door 'unlocks' but its deadbolted. i call rocky to see if VCU was closed and sure enough it was. damn im an idiot, i knew i should have checked that before i treched (is that even a word?) across Richmond. came back. relaxed for a bit. then headed off to Plan9, only a few blocks away, to get tickets for the Further Seems Forever show in Feburary at Alley Katz. get there, its closed. why the hell dont i call ahead. oh well. came back, played w/ this new design and aboot 50 other things and bout 6 hours later, im done. hope you like it. shoot me a line on AIM @ freeefalln or email .