for his son and 3 separate hearts - 10.02am 2.11.02
current music : none-i left my headphones @ my dads, damnit.

i dont feel so well. everyone here at work is really sick and i feel like i might yack. plus the fact that im extremely tired probably doesnt help any.

The World of the Laid-Off Techie yea read that. that really boosts my confidence. man, depressing. guess i'll have to try harder. if i cant have a career with technology of some kind, i dont know what i'd do. hopefully by next january, the market will pop back up. im really hoping to get a government job, a little more secure. the 'private sector' jobs are the ones that are usually first to lay off. whatever, i just hope i get a job, doing what i honestly enjoy doing.... your mom

yesterday when i was driving back from MD to VA, i had to cross the Henry Nice Bridge. i hate that bridge to begin with. about a mile or so long, and i think around 200 feet high, in an arch shape of course. it was just about to rain so there was fog on the river. it was so thick i couldnt see the bridge at the toll booth, about 40 feet away. so i start driving and i can barely see in front of me, i get to the top and it starts to clear up a bit, visibility about 30 feet. it was spooky, all i could see around me was white. couldnt see the VA shore, nothing. i felt like i was in some stephen king movie.

and my paints not peeling - 11.02am 2.10.02
current music : dashboard confessional - turpentine chaser.mp3

im still in MD, it rocks up here. the weather rocks. i washed my car yesterday, taking advantage of the warm weather. i really dont feel like posting, i dont feel like typing. i just want to watch techtv, and i think i'll do that.
lets hear it for useless posts.

livejournal - 10.55am/ 2.08.02
current music : jimmyeatworld - if you dont, dont.mp3

Jen has posted 5 words in her livejournal, and asks a response from each of those words, well here are mine.

1)content : riding through hollywood cemetary when its nice out w/ J and L, and/or Nate, we gotta do that as soon as it gets warm.

2)silly : falling in the water at the river (think last year w/ beth, jon, stacy and jen.)

3)inspired : talking with friends, getting other perspectve on life.

4)like an animal : eating sushi

5)young : walking around VCU's campus on a warm day. reminds me of the first few days as a freshman. or, spending a few days at my dads house in MD.

6)old : realizing that in a year, my friends will be no where near richmond, well the rest of them at least. and that scares the shit out of me.

man, that thought just reoccured to me, in about a year, my friends will have graduated from college. so will have i. interesting thoughts.

quiet - 10.07am/ 2.08.02
current music : juliana theory - in the dark.mp3

Dad, your boy is about to fall. He walks the razor's edge. He's on the brink of fading out. He's at his bitter end. Dad, your boy who used to run, you taught him how to crawl. He left home to find his own, now all he had is gone. In your eyes I see a darkness that torments you and in your head where it dwells. I'd give you my hand if you'd reach out and grab it.
what the hell is your deal? -juliana theory - in the dark

i've been listenin to the juliana theory all morning. great stuff. some of the most poingant lyrics i've heard in a long time. im heading to maryland for the weekend, hopefully i'll get to see my cousin. hes been doing well in school, not doing anything wrong, yet his dad kicked him out of the house again. hes staying at a shelter right now, im gonna try and visit him. its pretty sad that out of the 7 aunts and uncles that he has, plus all the cousins, like my dad, none of them will let him stay at their place. my dad wont let him stay at his house w/ 2 extra rooms. im not surprised that he wouldnt let him stay there. he should be graduating in a few months, life has handed him some rough cards, .. i just hope he pulls through...

it seems that no matter how rough things may seem, someone always has it worse. and if thats true, what kind of life does the person at the bottom have? and what would that roughness be?

meet me there - 9.56am/ 2.07.02
current music : none, im in class

check this out: > espn for nerds

time - 8.30pm/ 2.07.02
current music : sunny day real estate - circles

three great shows coming up. all at the 930 club in dc, cause the 930 club rocks.

march 1st
saves the day, piebald, small brown bike

march 12th
death & dismemberment tour w/
death cab for cutie & the dismemberment plan

april 9th
dashboard confessional, the anniversary, ben kweller

and the great thing is, all of these shows are under 15 bucks a ticket. sure as hell cant beat that.

i got a test tonight in pc upgrade on seven chapters, hes tryin to kill us. gotta study for that after work. and i gotta make yet another trip to advance auto to have my battery and alternator tested. my battery light keeps coming on. hopefully its just the battery, if not, im goin to MD this weekend and my dad can put in an alternator.

check this song out,
dexter freebish - leaving town.mp3 good stuff.

i was, on the high, way - 10.18am/ 2.06.02
current music : death cab for cutie - movie script ending

havent posted in a few days, so im a slack. sue me. changed my spark plugs and their wires last night, rocky helped me. he actually did most of the work. now thats all taken care of, my battery light is coming on. gonna take it to advance auto to have em check it out. i pretty sure that the battery thats in the car now was the original one. if i gotta replace it, oh well.

im doin well, but if i could i would sleep for days. i need a getaway from everything. just for myself. im only 20, and yea you might say i've had 20 years to myself, but its hard to give everyone all you got, if you dont know what you have to give. im a busy person. work, school, friends, family, the whole bit. and when i get a second free, i need that second to breath. i dont mean to let any of those said 'responsibilities' suffer, but i have to come first. i know i discussed this same topic a few weeks ago.

forget it

charity reeks, of cheap wine & pity - 10.39am/ 2.04.02
current music : none - forgot my headphones

turns out, i still have access to VCU's gym eventhough im not a student. and if that ever expires, theres still a work around. muhah. im starting to run again. i need to get rid of this winter pudge. and i will.

now that the excitement of my friends coming down that i had last friday is gone, things are a bit dull. even though they came down, and we did some stuff, i really wish we would all get together more when they're down here. 3 hours is just plain ridiculous. makes ya feel kinda shafted. i know that doesnt make sense to anyone reading this who doesnt know anyone but me. cause if they're down here, then they're here. but i dont feel like explaining everything. things would be easier if there were an on/off switch.

enough of that. i was gonna keep writing, but now i dont feel like it.

thefacethatlaunched1000shits- 1:56pm/ 2.03.02
current music : death cab - face that launched 1000shits

before you continue on, download death cab for cutie - face that launched a 1000 shits.mp3

well its sunday, and i havent posted since thursday morning. alot has happened since then, so i'll do the usual recap of the weekend, dave style.

went to KG to get my escort, paid the money, got my car, drove back. a definete step up in the world of dave's transportation. its a 95, silver, bling bling. mad ride yo. now i can actually get to class without worrying about if i'll make it or not.

that brings me up to friday night, nate came down around 4 or so, we hung out, went to su case w/ rocky. finally meet up w/ jon and went to Beth's apartment to hang out. much fun. tim and brandy stopped by, good to see them. jon's master, stacy, cracked that whip loud and hard, so he left early. nate and i walked back to my apartment, bout 1.5 miles. got back, and rocky wanted to go to 7-11, walked there, a few blocks away. came back, played some ps2, and i passed out.

woke up, jon rocky and i cashed our security deposit from our last apartment. went to bottoms up for some pizza later that afternoon. nate rocky and i came back here, the married couple, jon and stacy, did whatever they do. rocky went to a talent show my sister was in up in Massaponax. my sister has an amazing voice, rocky taped it on his DV. two of the judges were from record labels and they're supposed to keep in contact with her. rock. nate and i went to Chopstix in carytown. damn good stuff. after, went to plan9, i bought a Piebald double cd, barely legal & all ages, and one of Semisonic's old albums, great divide. all three cds are good stuff. then jon and stacy finally come over, left around 1 i think, i cant remember. i went to bed and that was that. woke up, nate went home to NoVA, and lauren jen and i went to Cracker Barrel for some breakfast. tasty. and now im here, listening to death cab for cutie.. i got alot of things to do today 1)fix the radio in my car 2)read about 100 pages 3)clean up my apartment 4)do some laundry 5)your mom 6)your grandma. i better get hoping.

butterfly - 11.40am/ 1.31.02
current music : weezer pinkterton cd

ok, listenin to weezer's pinkerton cd, i noticed something. it only clocks in at 34mins and 34 secs. thats not long at all for an album, yet an amazing one. but when weezer's newest cd came out, green, it clocked in at 28mins and something secs. my point is that everyone bitched and complained about Green being too short and not long enough, and how it should as long as their other albums. its only 6 mins shorter. yet another useless post of the day.

right beneath the skin - 8.55am/ 01.31.02
current music : linkin park - by myself

yea, so. im listenin to linkin park, whats wrong with dat yo. i surprise myself that i like them. i think its cause the one guy can actually sing, and does. unlike other 'rapcore' bands. its starting to get colder. damnit, i was hoping it'd be nice this weekend. rock, this weekend will be good stuff. if nate can get his PS2 fixed, oh the madness will ensue. nothing quite like drunken SSX. no thats not druken sex, thats SSX. a game. i actually have to do some work now, and the post was pointless.

rain still falls w/o me - 11.05am/ 01.30.02
current music : Samian - Ordinary Life

just updated the pictures section, look under friends. I added a 3rd page. all from the 'party' we had a few months back. some good stuff in that. this weekend is supposed to be a '10th floor reunion', sort of. me, nate, tim, hopefully jon, oh yea and a 7th floor hoe, Beth. i swear we can never all get together, so i'm doubting everyone will come. if it happens, im sure much fun will be had. cant decide whether or not to ask rocky if i can borrow his DV Cam or just bring a camera. either way, its gonna rock. im going to King George early Friday morning, i think around 7, so i can get my pimpin escort. then i'll just come back around 11 or 12 and work til Nate gets down here. i have to drive the white dragon to KG, i sure as hell hope it makes it there. then im leaving that car there for a week. coming back that weekend, and driving it to my dads so he can park it. i think a visit to MD is due anyway, plus im gonna help my cousin with his computer. i like just gettin away for a weekend.

since i do alot of thinking, i was thinking today while i was biking to work. i thought about envy and jealousy and what comprises it. i honestly used to base my self worth against others. doing that just sets yourself up for failure, because you're going to try to be someone you can never probably be. i cant live my life wishing i had this or that just for the simple fact that someone else might. it seems that we're taught from the earliest in life, that we need to have everything everyone else has. makes sense because look at mtv, look at the way high school is. my life isnt the worst, there are people much much worse off than i am. and things will eventually come around, and if they dont, oh well. i'll just pick right up where i left off. according to statistics, i'll probably live to be about 70. thats about 50 more years. as depressing as it sounds, i'll live my life and head to the ground. im content with my life right now. i've grown to accept my normalcy. im not going to be some rock star, or some actor, or whatever. im just Dave. one Dave in about 2 million Dave's. i dont stand out in a crowd, and thats alright. finally, there is clarity
this tiny life is making sense.

side note: tripod is starting to suck much ass, as if it already didnt. EXTREMELY slow load times, and just to even update is a nightmare. we'll see what happens.

dont look now but i lost my shoe - 10.30am/ 01.29.02
current music : weezer - buddy holly

well i got the loan for the car. just have to go sign the papers tomorrow at 3. i'm having my stepdad check out the car before i buy it just to make sure its all good. pretty exciting stuff. i think for the most part my car, the white dragon, the one thats busted, just needs a new fuel filter. but that thing is old and cursed, i dont need that headache. im going to replace the fuel filter just to drive it to class til i get the new one, then, i'll probably sell it.

i was reading Drew's livejournal. just the stuff he said, i can relate to. the person i am today, is no where near the person i was about 1.5 years ago. i treated the people i lived with like shit, i let my problems get in the way of treating people with respect they deserved. i was focused on the 'why things are the way they are' as opposed to, 'what can i do to fix them'. and i blamed myself, and others for that. im nowhere near perfect, but i've resolved some of those issues, or just have learned to deal with them. im tryin to get myself straight, im back in school, have a pretty stable job, things are falling into place. and if something does fall out of place, i'll pick up right where i left off. thats how everyone has been living life for the past 2000 years, and thats how i have to. cant sit around all damn day, waiting for something to happen. need to make it happen on my own. ok im done with the self-motivation proclamation. wait isnt that a song?

anderson mesa - 11.36am/ 01.28.02
current music : vehemence realized - nevere

its monday. and boy, have i got a case of em. i want to go back to bed. but i cant. this past weekend, i got to visit courtney down at W & M. my car is a bastard. so i had to take greyhound on saturday. yea so, my car is still a bitch. and if things work out as planned, i should be getting a 95 ford escort. estoy mucho contento. then i can either sell the white dragon, (i doubt anyone would buy it) or just park it at my dads. i should at least try to sell it. if the escort gets me through the little over a year i have left for school, i'll be set. back to this past weekend. courtney and i and some of her friends went to the meridian. a small coffee shop place, where bands play usually every weekend. saw three different ones. the only name i can remember, cause they were damn good, was the Carlsonics. i got the mp3s if you want em.

lunch break is over, its time to get back to work.

chlorophyll - 7.07pm/ 01.25.02
current music : nirvana - jesus dont want me for a sunbeam

to my surprise, next sunday is the superbowl. not that i would watch a monstrosity known as football, but i think it will affect my weekend. could ruin stuff. this is more or less a general question to all you sports people. maybe you can lead me to what im missing. how is it entertaining watching 300 pound grown men run and flop on a field, grasping for that ethereal ball in the sky crashing down on em, only to run into a box to score points? i dont get it. to me, all its just one giant talent show. see who can run the fastest, who can crush the most people. a bunch of overgrown baboons with even bigger egos that get pleasure out of smashing someone. you can argue about how the thrill of the game is exciting or how much you enjoy watching two men nearly getting it on, but i just think its pointless. whats the goal at the end? whats the point? to entertain? maybe so, but i like my entertainment intelligent and meaningful. football or any other sport requires intelligence yes, but doesnt mean its meaningful. one more thing then i will stop cause i dont know what else to type. im sick of football 'stars' and baseball 'stars' being considering heroes!!! they play a ***damn sport and get PAID millions. they havent gone to Calutta to help the kids with leprosy. mother theresa, she was a hero, sacrificed herself to help lepers. the red cross that help dam up towns and provide relief efforts to people who need it. the firefighters, the rescue squad, lifeguards. those are real heros.

what have we learned in class tonight kids?
tommy raises hand
Yes, Tommy?
People who play sports are not heroes?
Good job class!

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