coranto - 4.33pm 2.27.02
current music : get up kids - central standard time

i just setup Coranto, a news CGI script. basically what i used to use on my site before my host went anal on me and disconnected me. im working on gettin an addon that will allow comments. check it here next.txt basic, yes, but i havent done any of the formatting yet. a new and improved NGFF will be up shortly. i dont know if it'll be a new design, but for sure, the ability to post comments to what my brain and fingers decide to crap out each day.

last night, went to walmart and best buy w/ lauren. good times. new term starts tonight at school..excited about that. im lookin at some journal scripts. i used NewsPro before my site was cut off, the one w/ the comments. I think i'll either use NewsPro, Coranto, or Moveable Type. Coranto and NewsPro are basically the same but Moveable Type is pretty damn cool. but since its Perl-based, i would need to have my host install some perl modules. that would be pain. i think i'll probably end up sticking with NewsPro cause i know how to install it easily and modify it to my tastes.

get this:
if you dont know it, the second installment of the lord of the rings book series is called the Two Towers. when the producer of the movie was being interviewed by a few reporters about the movie adaptation of the Two Towers, one of the reporters asked him if he was going to change the name of the movie, the Two Towers, because of the WTCenter 'reference'. what the fuck!? his response, i thought was quite entertaining, 'hell no, its the name of the goddamn book'. classic. i hate political correctness. everyone's too worried about everyone elses feelings. you're not short, you're vertically challenged, you're not fat, you're overweight, you're not dumb, you have a learning disability. they took the WTC shots out of the new spiderman movie. Ryan Adams' video, 'new york, new york' was shot before sept11, and featured him playing, with the WTC in the background. people actually wrote to VH1 to take it off the air, thankfully they didnt, quite possibly one of the greatest songs i've heard on tv this century. what the hell? the song is an homage to new york. yea what happened was terrible, but we have to move on. like my grandma told me once, we cant use it as a crutch. fuck PC. if i offended someone, oh well, deal with it. thats my opinion and i have that right.

just one more thing:
last night i was watching the daily show, and they were covering the opening ceremonies, (i think it was a repeat) of the winter olympics @ salt lake. they had footage of bob costas & katie couric, thats quality coverage there. when they showed Iran walk into the arena, the first thing that Costas said something along the lines of, 'Iran, one of the countries that president bush denoted as an axis of evil'. nice huh?

better than nothing, nothing is better - 2.01pm 2.25.02
current music : new end original - better than this

caution: long post about almost nothing.

you know, i think ALOT. things eat at me. little things set me off. a death cab for cutie song got me thinking about the people i've met in the last five years, and if i'll know them in 10 more. think about that. just about everyday we meet people. some mean alot to us, some are people we just carry casual conversation with. thats how it is. me, personally , i intentionally try to make people feel that when they're talking to me, that they're not just making chit-chat. cause chit-chat is fake. if i dont think you're worthwhile, i wont talk to you, i'll just avoid you. ok back to the will i know the same people in 10 years. in ten years, i probably wont talk to half of my current friends. yes, that bothers me, alot. but thats probably how it'll end up. people get out of school, move away, get on with their own lives and goals, with all those factors, one of em has to give, usually its the factor farthest. and thats ok, it has to be that way. friends cant spend all of their lives up each others butt all the time. for me, thats the hardest part. last year, i hung out with jon alot. pretty much all the time. when he moved back to nova, it was hard. it was like, what do i do with myself? eventually, i got used to not having someone, other than my brother, to hang with. there were actually times where i would be in my room, see something cool, and almost yell, 'jon, come here'. and then like a brick to the forehead, i realized, duh. its the same with nate. he was my roomate freshman year. together we survived the wrath of our 3rd roommate, the samoan extraordinaire, Vinnie. when i first met nate, he was all hardcore punk, ok maybe not that hardcore, but a punk nonetheless. i was a bit hesitant to even talk to him. but i remember that first night, a huge, fat samoan, a punk, and a nerd, w/ no tv and internet connection, talked about themselves for about 3 hours. it was then i realized that i cant judge a person by what they look like. vinnie, although inconsiderate and smelly and nasty and downright foul, wasnt that bad of a person, he usually went out of his way to help people, even if his motivations were sex. nate, although seemed like a murderer with those wrist spikes and spikey hair, he really wasnt and is one of the most caring people i know.

jon was in my freshman interest group so we had almost all the same classes first semester. a few weeks later, we started talkin and stuff in class and i realize he lived on my floor. i was like, cool. you know whats really weird, if had been 2 seconds earlier to my orientation, i would have signed up for the computer science interest group, but since that was filled, i chose the business one. if i had been in the comp sci one, i probably would have never talked to jon except maybe a causal, whats up. interesting how things work out. crazy stuff. i think i met tim and randy those first few days then i met beth, and then through beth i met stacy, through which i met lauren then through which i met jen and vina. interesting. i dont even know where this is going, i dont think its going anywhere. i think its just nostalgia kickin in. am i even old enough to have nostalgia? nostalgia, it seems, is a desire for a better place in time, but things arent so bad these days. just different. and thats ok. in a year, things will be different from now, and so will each year, and that'll be alright. i'll deal. some of those years may not be how i would like, but im sure i'll get through. if things dont work out, i'll get through.

i'll get through it, i'll through it,
i'll say it 10 times over,
i'll get through it,
i'll get through it,
im better than this.
im better than this,
im better than this.
im better than.


we all gotta die of something - 10.05am 2.25.02
current music : Vagrant Records Compilation. - Another Year on the Streets

last night was the last day of class for the term, i kicked my win2k admin's final's ass. turned in my project for PC Upgrade/Maint., went over that final and then got home around 930. decided to go to the cary st. gym with rocky, (cause i need to) i ran 10 mins on the treadmill. lame? yes, but start out small then work my way up. then i went upstairs and played racquetball, solo. i'd never played it before, and it rocks. i think i'll keep playin to try and get better. i cant return the ball for crap, that damn wall is too good, shows me up everytime. came home, and basically passed out. im still tired this morning, i guess cause of going to the gym last night. my goal is to try and go just about daily, we'll see how that goes. tonight, going to the store w/ rocky and lauren, (dont know if jen is coming), hittin up walmart for groceries, then to best buy cause lauren needs a processor fan for her computer. tomorrow night, is the first night of my 4th term at school. like i've said before i have Unix and Fiber Optics. and of course, fiber optics is my second class, meaning i will be at school every night til 1030. that rules out going to the gym after class, i guess i'll have to go in the mornings, my days are filling up.

side note: Semisonic - Great Divide, is a great album. straight up rock. good stuff.

hi to you. - 12.20pm 2.25.02
current music : radiohead - pablo honey cd

this weekend was rockin. nate came down friday, went to su casa, a tradition of course. we go there just about every time he comes down. later on that night, we went to tim's. and chilled there for for about 5 hours. played crazy 8's, rocked some grateful dead on vinyl, and messed with mustache (tims psycho cat). we walked back to my apartment, and i passed out. got up that next morning, bill arrived at around 12.30, went out to Carytown Burgers and Fries, oh man, the best burgers i have ever had. nate had some fly honey comment him on his jimmy eat world tshirt. and him being the wimp that he is, just smiled. wait, i would have done the same thing. came back to the apartment, and went to the river w/ jen, lauren, glenn, heidi and chaz. good times, the river is awesome. we ended up gettin back at around 4. bill brought his computers down so i could setup his network to share his cable connection. i worked on the computers for awhile. (side now, windowsME is trash, i'd rather use windows95) well im glad to say that his internet sharing works, but for some reason, i bet its an ME error, he cant browse his network of those two computers. oh well. then we drove around richmond, lookin for mexican food that didnt have a 30 min wait to get seated. so where did we end up? su casa of course. classic, i got a taco salad, the best this side of the rio grande. then we came back to the apartment, and chilled til 11 so we could leave for Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Byrd. bill left around 10, he had to work that next morning. so nate and i get to the byrd, and meet up w/ jen, lauren, glenn, heidi and chaz. we wait in line, outside for about 1.5 hours. apparently, vanilla sky was playing before Indy, and that lasted til 1215 or something. we get into the theater at around 1 something. and watched the movie. some asshole's cell phone went off during the movie. UGH, a note to all you people that read this: i am ever at the movies with you and your cell phone goes off, i will rip your nutsack off. you are not that important. ok im done. we get out of the theater at around 3. head home and once again, i pass out. wake up the next morning, i get up at around 12. yesterday was kinda boring but i got alot of work done, exactly what i had planned. i got a final tonight in win2k admin. shouldnt be that bad.

Wake at four and...
slip into the train...
time to join the rat race...

jot in planner...
take some time for son...
it would be a change for once
you said you'd be there...
a promise was broken...
love could not give you a reason...
to stay, to stay
look around at these people...
that you call your friends...
they would sell you for money...
if they ever got the chance...
I don't think that you saw the cost or consequence of killing those years

sold your soul to chase for gold and fame...
it has cost you everything...
punch the clock and work the overtime...
the hourglass has run dry

shaded red - rat race .

i hope that i am never an example of that song.

about my love - 12.45pm 2.22.02
current music : shaded red - slow suicide

i was lookin through my cd book to find something to listen to. and i found a copy of my sister's Shaded Red cd. (sue me, i have a copy, but its justified cause this cd is now out of print and not findable, acutally i bet you could find em on ebay). We say them at a church in NC somewhere, a great show. back to the cd. its rockin. straight up rock with a jazz feel. i just found em on, very good stuff, check em out.

i noticed 'about my love' isnt on the site, if you can find it somewhere, like WinMX or Morpheus its good stuff, if not and you want it, let me know. i'll rip you the whole cd.

james rapids -
10.05am 2.22.02
current music : piebald - Watch Her Flow

checkin out my referral list, i noticed a few from google from when people search for something and this page comes up. here are a few search keywords. 1.the get up kids anne arbour meaning
2.i m tired and i wanna find a new computer upgrade
4.Download Wheatus Little Respect.mp3
5.Nice Old Guys
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7.SINEAD O'CONNOR nothing compares download jimmy eat world metro

oh yea and i especially enjoy this one
9.guys who eat ass

why the hell 'guys who eat ass' somehow returns my page, i have no clue. i like how people will just type in 'download '. i bet they expect it to somehow magically download into their AOL Radio. Number 2 is quite amusing too, as if google somehow understands full sentences, let alone the word, 'wanna'. retards.

well today is friday, and its the weekend. and nates comin down tonight, we're gonna hang out with Tim and Co., then tomorrow, bill is coming down round noon, then we're goin to the river w/ jen, lauren and her friends from Baltimore. rumor has it that beth wetzel might join us. much fun will be had, then we're all going to see indiana jones at the byrd @ midnight. i wish it was 5 so i wouldnt have to be here.

you can be the big shot, just dont shoot yourself.

EZ -
12:15pm 2.21.02
current music : pete yorn - musicforthemorningafter CD

for those of you that are familiar with computer technology, get this.. i was thinkin about how comptuers back in the late 70's through the 80's worked. how offices used 'terminals' (if any of you used telnet, thats basically a terminal emulator). you'd sit at a screen with a keyboard, and the mainframe would process your request. if you hit the left arrow key, it would a request to the server to move your cursor left and then it would appear on your screen. pretty archeaic. then we moved towards desktop-centric computing, relying on the power of our own comptuers and only using mainframes/servers for share resources and such. ok thats fine. but then i was thinking, with the internet becoming so popular (mind you, only 8% of the worlds population has electricity, let alone a computer with internet access), we're reverting back to network-centric computing. relying heavily on the resources of a server for our informational and processing needs. think about it, with SQL, PHP, PERL, all three languages, while can run on desktop comptuers, are made to run on servers with mutilple clients accessing those processes. i suspect in about 10 years, i'll be sitting at a desk with a monitor with an RJ-45 connection, no keyboard, all voice activated, running entirely off a modified AS/400 running .NET

another thing, if you use windowsXP along with Windows Media Player8, you shouldnt be. read the article below. Media Player Logs Choices
whether or not you think MS will do anything with your data, the point is that they shouldnt be monitoring your use.

one more thing, Pete Yorn's Musicforthemorningafter Cd is butter. it surpasses all the rave reviews, its fantabulous.

none -
10.20am 2.20.02
current music : none

ive talked about this before, but in my livejournal..but for reasons new, i must discuss again. resentment. when i think about dating someone, i think of it for the long term. the whole 'point' of dating, is to find someone to be with. even with my own issues aside about commitment, i think i'll be ok in the end, with whomever i end up with. but back to the topic at hand. resentment. it really upsets me when people resent someone. and everyday people do it. i'm no saint, i've done it before. and you know what its honestly none of my business, but it really bothers me that one can treat another as such. i wish i could say more, but i just cant. there i've gotten it off my chest. watch yourself, swallow your pride, cause you may just lose us all.

what the fuck is your problem?

all the company calls -
3.20pm 2.19.02
current music : death cab for cutie - company calls

you've heard of all those Pay-For-Peer2Peer file sharing programs like Pressplay and musicnet. if you havent, you pay a monthly fee for use of the service to download a certain amount of songs and that monthly fee is used to 'compensate' artists. that being said, read the following excerpt from the NY Times:

As one rock manager computes it, if a consumer buys the standard Gold Plan on Pressplay, paying $19.95 for 75 songs downloaded to a hard drive and 750 streamed so that they can be heard only once, an artist, after these deductions, gets $.0023 per song downloaded. To earn a penny, more than four songs must be downloaded.
-NYTIMES, 'Record Labels' Answer to Napster Still Has Artists Feeling Bypassed'

artists gettin compensated my ass. with that service, it would take 1000 downloads, for a band to make $2.30. a band usually consists of four people, thats a whopping .57cents. what the hell?! support indie labels. if you're band of choice is on a major label, go to shows, the best way to support em, i dont mind paying 30 bucks for a show if i know the band is gettin alot of that money, more so than a cd. the bands i listen to, i really enjoy their music, i dont listen to music just because it sounds good or catchy. i listen to music as an art, an expression. thats why albums are much better to listen to than singles, you get exactly what the band intended. if i would have only heard one song off off jimmmy eat world's Clarity, i would probably have never bought the album, nor discovered quite possibly the best album of my entire collection. support what you like, put your money where your mouth is. if you somehow enjoy o-town, by all means support it, its your money. i read somewhere that most artists make about 30cents on a $15 cd. nice isnt?

ma vie -
1.05pm 2.19.02
current music : linkinpark - papercut

I are Travis
Friendship comes first, and it just happens to be that you and your mates like to rock. You are easily the nicest band in music, and you've proven that nice guys dont finish last. Which British Band Are You?


breakfast -
11.00am 2.18.02
current music : none

Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole saturday in detention for whatever it is we did wrong, but we think you're crazy for making us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out, is that each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basketcase, a princess, and a criminal. Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club.


wendy's & baja bean -
10.30am 2.18.02
current music : the sounds of my boss' kids running around

this past weekend, was good stuff. my girl visited me, we went to the byrd theater on saturday night, saw The Breakfast Club (great movie). fun stuff. im already looking forward to this weekend cause nate's comin down, AND bill is tryin to get off work to come down too. oh much fun would be had. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc is playin at the Byrd this saturday night @ midnight. i know im going and so far i've confirmed lauren and jen, and since nate will be down here, im sure he'll come along as well. if you wanna go, let me know cause its gonna rock.

in other news, there is none. one more thing: Bill, get off work.

im there -
10.40am 2.16.02
current music : radiohead - optimistic

got tickets, oh yea baby, general admin floor. damn right.

funk in richmond -
4.42pm 2.15.02
current music : radiohead - nobody does it better

Richmond Coliseum
Richmond, VA
Sunday, June 23, 2002 7:00PM
$25.00 - presale is tomorrow, Feb 16, 16th @ 10am
im there.

have they all got the bends -
11.05am 2.15.02
current music : radiohead - the bends

last night in pc upgrade, got to build new lab computers. much fun was had. unlike most schools, the PC's we built actually go into labs that students use. yea sucka. these babies are nice, 1.6ghz P4's. too bad they arent AMD's.

in other news, im goin to williamsburg to see my girl, maybe have some din din with Apex, only the best band this side of the mississippi, with the exception, maybe Spliff? so this weekend should be mad cool yo. then i have another weekend to look forward to, cause nate says hes comin down the next one. and then in two weeks, i start the new term in school, then in one more week, its the death cab for cutie show. then in 3 weeks i'll be 21. alright, im gonna stop now.

lowell, ma -
2.15pm 2.14.02
current music : bjork - hunter

almost forgot, nate got tickets for the death cab for cutie show in dc on march 12th, wooho! too bad the saves the day show sold out before we could get tickets, and we're waiting til the dashboard confessional show goes on sale..oh yes, music goodnes, all within a 2 week period.

a valentine cookie, to the person who can tell me where the subject came from. i bet only one person will get it, and i know who you are.

all is full of love -
9.30am 2.14.02
current music : death cab for cutie - all is full of love

last night in class, we got our new schedules for next term, and i got Unix and Fiber Optics. im going to die. Unix alone is supposedly one of the hardest class offered at ECPI, but Fiber Optics, by far the hardest. but i can look at it this way, in fiber optics, the final is a certification test to be a fiber optics installer. another fall back solution if the networking thing doesnt work out. im starting to get more sick, and this aint good. i need to be well for this weekend.

im gonna name my daughter, Bjork.

the shampoo is better -
10.00am 2.13.02
current music : talk radio

Which is better?

hahah i knew it.

glass, unbroken -
10.41am 2.12.02
current music : none.

yea so, im gonna say it, im a guy and i like Bjork. there i said it.

had a test last night in win2k admin, i think i rocked that mofo. ended up leaving pc upgrade early last night cause i didnt wanna sit through another hour of the teacher reviewing DOS with my nose draining like a faucet. got home, stayed up for an hour and went to bed, couldnt fall asleep til 12, watched Castaway until i passed out.

when i was in MD, i didnt get to stop by and see my cousin at the place hes stayin at. first, i couldnt find the number in the phone book, then 411 didnt have it. so im seriously thinking about making another trip up there, in the coming weeks.

by the way, just archived about a 2 weeks of posts. check out the archive links below.