blister - ||
alright. once again, ive let myself slip when it comes to posting.oh well. lets see. came back from my dads on sunday. was late gettin back cause i setup matt's dreamcast to go online w/ earthlink. phantasy star online is one hell of a game. i really think online gaming for the console will truly kick off with the xbox and ps2's addon ethernet adapter. i had alot of ideas about things i wanted to post but i forgot em all.

i go back to work tomorrow. yipee. classes begin again on thursday, i cant wait. no sarcasm intended there. yea its 2002. had fun last night. went out w/ courtney, lisa, and will to spanky's, then came back to lisa's apt. and played drunken catch phrase. ball dropped. we all know what happens when the ball drops. yep. saw some ladies kiss last night. haah

got another cd. death cab for cutie - we have the facts and we're voting yes. its really good stuff. some people call them 'mope-pop' some call them 'emo', i call them death cab for cutie. check em out. so i go back to richmond today, courtney's taking me back. im excited. i like being home but i think its time for me to get back into the daily routine. mom is makin me get off the computer. more later...maybe.

abscence is bliss- ||
yea so i havent posted in about 4 days. shoot me. i actually have a life outside this webpage. so i guess i'll start w/ the summary of christmas for me.
woke up on xmas morning at my moms. did the usual. stockings, opening presents. got some stuff, and some cash from both parents. then went to my grandmas house for dinner in MD. spent time up there til 7 then came to my dads. have been here ever since. good times. i can just relax and just chill.
went to the mall, to look around, and possibly get a haircut. well the barber was closed, so i went to the ol' pocket change arcade. im all for lots of choices when it comes to arcade games, but one i hate, and i think jon beyer can attest, is that damn Dance Dance Revolution game. ugh. 40 people hovering around a platform watchin idiots prance back and forth. and at a buck a pop these losers deserve everything they get. so i move over to tekken4. i put my quarters in, start playing. solo, mind you. some dumbass comes next to me and pops quarters in, without asking if he can join or if i even want to play him. what the hell happened to arcade ettiquette. f-cking maryland douche bags. go call Glendening (did i even spell that right?) and have him double the Harry W. Nice Bridge toll again. no, its ok. i dont mind paying 3 bucks to cross a bridge thats less than half a mile. eat me you whore. yea im tryin to get ahold of some people. im out.

say hello wave goodbye - ||
well its the 23rd, at 12:11am. everyone is either asleep or out gettin drunk at some skank bar in colonial beach. im at my moms by the way. evening in about 100 words. after waiting about 3 hours for tracy to get off work, all of the siblings exchanged gifts. we do the 'draw one person's name, buy for them' thing. with 7 kids it can be a bit taxing to buy for six different people. i bought for scott, kenny had me. i got a jimmyeatworld shirt, a 'blue screen of death' shirt, and david gray - white ladder cd. oh all three gifts are amazing. yea im tired. and i feel like goin to bed. current tunes: david gray white ladder cd

blue shirt - ||

yes kids, thats the power of Internet2. that is one thing i have to say about VCU. internet2 rocks. current tunes: weezer - dope nose

blue shirt - ||
last night gave my final speech, i rocked that mic. aw yea. although, im not sure if after that speech anyone in my class understood what open source really was. i blame that on them. but i got an A in that class, same w/ networking. i rule. cant wait til the 3rd. new classes and im excited, someone check my temperature.
BR> i think rocky and i are goin home tonight, i hope. i wanna see my family and of course my girl. tomorrow, the siblings exchange gifts. should be fun. excited to see what i get.

yea im sure you guys have heard of jimmy eat world. and im sure you guys know im basically obsessed with them. but, i have to make this suggestion. buy their cd, Clarity. absolutely amazing. beyond words. check this review from an user. "Listen to the first track, "Table for Glasses" and then hit pause while you recover. You'll either be crying, squeezing something really hard, or on your knees thanking God a band has come along to create such a perfect, sweeping tune." i couldnt agree more. you will be floored.

become your dad,
live unquestioned,
its in your head
nostalgia's dead
choose starlight
no way to retrace
add them up,
it is gone.
current tunes: jimmy eat world - call it in the air

fascination street - ||
class was boring last night, watched people give their final speech. giving mine tonight. should be quite fun. yea right. then i left 20 mins into networking cause it was just a review class for the final. cake.
got the rest of my cds in the mail this morning. the last two, the cure - galore and tracy chapman - self titled. just listened to both of em. 3 bucks extremely well spent. very recommended.

current tunes: tracy chapman - fast car

mallrats - ||
download Weezer - Susanne.mp3. classic, old school weezer, great stuff.

genesis - ||
tryin to find some blank cds this morning, i stumbled onto some cdrw's had to used 2 years ago freshman year. popped one of em in. oh these mp3's are classic. some guy i knew was really into Phil Collins, so i had ripped his Hits cd. its golden, pure butter. good sutff.

getup kids 4-eva - ||
got back at 3 last night from DC. one hell of a show. appleseed cast opened. these guys were pretty good. much better than i expected. and i was glad it was only one band cause get up kids played for nearly 2 hours. i cant remember the setlist, but some songs were, action & action, company dime, up on the roof, out of reach, valentine, im a loner dottie a rebel, beer for breakfast, central standard time, anne arbour, mass pike, just to name a few. they closed the show w/ two covers, david bowie's 'suffragette city' and the cure's 'close to me'. they were rockin. all those emo kids were a rowdy bunch. they're comin back round to DC in the spring, and if you missed em, catch em cause they kick ass.

boxer - ||
man, im listenin to simon and garfunkel's the boxer. brings back some vivid memories. freshman year at vcu. man. i remember hearing this song i think it was in jon's or tim's room and being absolutely blown away. i was in awe of it. and i still am. then i started thinkin bout how i miss being in rhoads and everything associated with it. but its a little different now. yea i want to go back. but its like i dont wanna leave today to go back there. im beginning to sound vague and 'artsy'. meaning, im sounding stupid. im headin home so i can leave for DC.

kids - ||
damnit, its really gettin cold out. i hate having to drive less than a mile to work cause im too much of a wimp to ride my bike in the cold.
yea the weekend was cool. went to the barenaked ladies show, it rocked. bout as much as a bnl show could rock. got back around 1. ended up watchin mallrats, but i passed out halfway through. woke up yesterday, took derrick back to MD, got back around 530. went to strawberry st cafe with jen stacy and lauren. good stuff. came back to work on my speech that i have to give on wednesday. think im gonna do it on censorship/freedom of speech. i dont know yet.
so tonight is the Get Up Kids show in DC. gonna meet Nate up in falls church, hop on that metro and head to 930 club. hope the show doesnt end really late, cause im driving back to richmond tonight. gonna chug about 4 energy drinks before i leave nova. i'll be aight.

winter - ||
best album to listen to when you live in the city, its snowing out, and you're lonely.
Travis. The Man Who

sail away - ||
well with a day of work ahead, and the day ending with a trip to Maryland to get my cousin so we can go to the barenaked ladies show in Norfolk, i have to say im pretty ansy. to get him, its 2 hours up and 2 back. then the same taking him back on sunday. well 2 hours total then cause im meeting his mom at the MD line. this weekend should be good times.

at ECPI, we currently go 3 nights a week and each term lasts 7 weeks. we are the only campus with the exception of Raliegh, that doesnt go 4 nights a week. Last night, faculty had a meeting with students discussing the possibility of going to 4 nights a week. 3 nights a week makes us 3/4's full time students. meaning we dont get as much financial aid, resulting it a lot more students loans. if we make the switch to 4 nights a week, we will be considered full time. more grants and better loans. and we'll finish about 3 terms faster. more time in class, meaning learning more, more time for labs. just overall better. but of course no one understood that last night, all they kept seeing was that they're gonna miss their free time. well boo-hoo. im sick of F-cking adults bitch and moan all the time. i have never seen anything like it. for instance, take my networking class. at the beginning of the term, we were doing one chapter a week. thats not that difficult. its about 30 pages of material a week. i thought that was too slow. all of the networking majors did. but of course, we have f-cking 'techs' in our class that could give two shits about networking and they complain about how the pace is way too fast. they expected the teacher to tell them exactly whats on the exam, so they can study just those parts. they bring the whole damn class down and they have no business being in there. i have to give our teacher two thumbs up, this guy rocks. we spent two nights 'evaulating' him, due to complaints from the stupid students, missing about 5 hours of class time. yet, we still only missed one chapter of the book. kudos. i learned alot in this class. and there are people who say they learned nothing. yea its kind of hard to to learn when you're playing f-cking chess on YahooGames during class. and i rest my case. its work time.

one day punk guarantee - || these guys are amazing, i ordered something for a certain someone for christmas from there on tuesday, a UPS package notice was sittin at my door yesterday, on wednesday. thats a 1 day turnaround. amazing, and unheard of from internet retailers. highly recommended store. they got lots of good stuff from good bands. only thing i dont like is that i have to go pick up the package tomorrow from UPS, 10 miles south of richmond and then drive 100 miles up to Maryland to get my cousin. goin to a barenaked ladies show in Norfolk. hells yea kid.

100% pure, fun- ||
im in networking right now, just finished up a quiz, aced that mofo. got my new schedule, 1. windows 2000 pro administration 2. Upgrade/computer maintenance . should be good stuff. have heard that win2k pro admin is intense, and im glad, i dont wanna be candy-assed through it. then again, the opinions are coming from 30 year old women and older crack hitters. im hopin to get UNIX next term, actually that reminds me. i need to get that linux router setup, what the hell is wrong w/ me. i have a old 366mhz celeron thats just wasting space. then again, i could just forego linux and get my freeBSD on.

anyone who doesnt like me, can take the following a picture as an exact statement from me.

solisbury hill - ||
vito's pizza = good, cheap food. only today was different. rocky and i went there for lunch, got our pizza, i did the usual shake of pepper on my slice, only to find the whole damn shaker lid come off and the all of the pepper empty onto my damn slice. stupid asshole college students. they can get a spoon and eat my ass stupid bitches. i got a free peice of pizza but still. but do not fret Vito's, you still have my patronage.

for those of you lazy bastards, that want their mp3 collection at their stereo component without 500 Y-cables and you've got a hankering to install a few hundred feet of Cat5e cable, and have a computer w/ extra power to host a small radio station, check this. for pics of it, go here yea i want one

tenacious d sucks balls - ||
long time since i've posted, nearly a week and i do apologize. things have been busy.this past weekend was good. nate and megan came down sat night, then nate, me, courtney c., and my sisters, rachel and krystal, went to the weezer/jimmyeatworld/tenacious d show in baltimore. well, we missed jimmyeatworld (damnit) and i didnt like tenacious d, they should have given them jimmyeatworld's time slot, and let j.e.w. go for an hour. oh well, im sure j.e.w. will play in dc sometime soon. lets see, drove back from balitmore (well nate did), he dropped us off at our car near dc, and we drove back down to king george. i drove back here to richmond this mornin. yea thats it. kinda lame.

savage - ||
you know, if you had asked me 2 years ago, 'where will you be in 2 years?". i would have never said goin to ECPI. its weird. those of you that have been reading my page since about 8 months ago, probably could tell that i wasnt gonna stay at vcu. i didnt even know it, but i bet you guys did. sure, i miss the 'old times' hangin with the rhoads hall crew, and most of my friends are still in richmond. sucks that we dont get to spend more time together, but thats alright cause we each have our own responsibilities. and yea, i miss hanging with nate and jon alot too. its hard to deal with the separation of someone you're close to. but im honestly happy for the both of them, they're gettin their lives together, just as i am. we spend most of our lives dealing with change and new experiences, but since most of your peers are in the same boat as you, you help each other get through it. probably without even realizing it. whether, its goin to the store together or just watchin tv.

and i'll end with this familiar tune

little darlin, the smiles returing to the faces. little darlin, it seems years since its been here. here comes the sun. here comes the sun. and i say, its alright.

goodness - ||
class in about 20 mins. have a test in my second one, networking. its on novell netware, versions 3-6. i'll kick its ass. cause i rule like that. damnit, i wanna allow comments to be posted here, but tripod doesnt allow true cgi scripts/server processing. gonna try and get webspace from hostrocket. good stuff, cheap with plenty of bandwidth and tons of space. we'll see how that goes. for now, its class time.

plan9 - ||
last night, eddo and i went to plan9. raided the used cd basement, got two cds for 6 bucks. Agents of Good Roots - One by One & Tonic - Lemon Parade. quality entertainment. just read that agents of good roots is breaking up. last show is at alley katz, here in richmond, on freakin new years, damnit. that reminds me, i need to get tickets for the lake trout show.

i got alot of things on my mind. stressing a little bit. anyone who said tech school is the easy way out can kiss my white ass. and of course thinking about other things i dont really feel like mentioning for reason of sounding awkward. yea, i guess i better get back to work.

musica - ||
bmg rocks. i had to fulfill my membership, so i ordered a cd. they were running a promotion, so i got two free cds. bought
rusted root - self titled (1998)
the cure - galore
tracy chapman - self titled.
oh yes, three great cds. all mine. and then once i pay for those, i get four more free. then i can cancel my membership and start over again. muhaha.

a&c - ||
'someday, i'll have a disappearing hairline, someday i'll wear pajamas in the daytime. oh afternoons will be measured out measured with, coffeespoons and t.s. elliot.'


bittersweetsymphony - ||
been feelin 'down' since yesterday and i dont know why. nothing 'off kilter' is goin on in my life. been readin almost all day for networking class, and while reading of course my mind drifts. just thinkin how much a different person i was when i graduated from high school than i am now. and if i've changed that much in two years, then how different am i gonna be in two years from now. and if we're constantly changing, then no one really knows each other, not even ourselves. following the same path, its almost inevitable that friends grow apart. maybe im just scared of growing apart from my friends, and i know its gonna happen. we'll each have our own lives and thats the only way it should be. maybe what im tryin to say is that i really appreciate my friends, you guys kick ass.

sounds of inaudible trucks and cars - ||
got a basic site up. tryin to see what i want to do w/ this.. and yea i dont have the ability to use CGI scripts on tripod's server, and that might come with time... i dont know if a webpage is something i want to up keep. im a pretty busy guy but i didnt say im giving up on this. we'll just see.