Sun May 20th 01

been home for about three hours now, in KG. had some fun. actually, a really good time. bout to implement the new CGI script ive been workin on. should have that up by monday. thats it for now, i need to get to bed.

Sat May 19th 01

weezer-may 28, rfk, hsfestival private show. what the hell. have to wait til fall. im back in KG for the weekend. probably goin back to richmond tomorrow morning, early. so then i'll have time to try to finish my new page design that i've been workin on for the past two months. and since we have directv here, TechTV is calling my name, its the techie's espn.

Fri May 18th 01

50 cents. spent on garbage, now i know why the paper is called richmond times disgrace. 1.5 pages of classifieds, for a freakin city. damnit.

Tues May 15th 01

just got the new weezer album. and im sure nate g. will agree, its f-in amazing. 13 bucks well spend, now to find out where the DC show is gonna be. i need to take a shower, then its off to work. if you know someone lookin for some help IT/tech/whatever, drop me a line.

Mon May 14th 01

i remember entering my dorm room last year for the first time, petrified. didnt know my roomates, didnt know anyone else, didnt know if i would make any friends. and then i remember leaving my dorm room for the last time last year, thinking to myself, what an amazing year. i met so many people, made the best friends, some of which i knew i would have the rest of my life, and memories of the best year of my life. then i remember taking that last step out of rhoads hall. i didnt want to leave, i didnt want it to be over, i didnt want to go home for the summer. and now i think about this past year, i didnt want it to end. i got comfortable here and i dont want to leave. i want to be 10 years old again. i guess im goin through what all 20 year olds go through. the realization that they're now adults, officially. and have to make their life their own.

pulled up some photos from the vaults
nate&jon jen, lauren, me, jon, stacy

Sat May 12th 01

for those lookin to get A+ Certified, like i am. click here for a free practice test. PC Magazine rated it better than the pay ones. piccolas is here, got to eat. i think this summer could be good. give me time to think about me. hopefully, get a good job. i've got a new mantra : 'things'll work out'

Sat May 12th 01

so, here ends another chapter in the chronicles of David Joseph Epp. Hes basically flunked out of college, has credit card debt, and has no direction in life. Wait, that direction part shouldnt be there. He knows what he wants to do, just doesnt have a way of doing it. everyday i reassure myself that everything will be ok, cause if i dont have hope, then i might as well not live. tomorrow jon leaves to go back home. its just one of the factors of many, i dont want this day to end, i dont. cause when it does, the last two years will be over. with everyone else goin home last week and the week before that, i knew in the back of my mind that everyone will eventually leave, but i never wanted to think about it. tomorrow, the last person leaves. why the hell couldnt i have done better in school. where will i be in 10 years. will all of my friends be alive. will I be alive. will my friends know if im dead. will i know if they're dead.

Did that straight and narrow, Nailed self-righteous arrow Get to be so decadent? Could you trade your lessons To have grown up in the process? Remarks never relent. Learned by your examples And we learned by your mistakes. Argue our positions, Its a decision that we have to make. Its not a mistake If we had known What we know now One year later, wed still be around.

Fri May 11th 01

click here then read the following:
first things first, i am against killings of all kind, either motivated by someones skin color or just because you dont like them. now, thats out of the way. there seems to be a trend developing here, hate crimes. i dont know if i like the way that trend is being handled. by labeling it as a hate crime it somehow desensitizes the whole murder. like somehow if it wasnt racially motivated, it somehow doesnt matter as much. i dont think we should punish killers more just because it was a hate crime, i think we should punish someone because they've murdered someone, plain and simple. murder is murder. whatever. bout to move servers.. found a good free one, supports PERL and true CGI scripts. gonna implement some of that stuff. looks to be a good deal.

ok ive thought alot about this past year and ive figured that ive acted like a jerk to some of my best friends and if you were one of them, i sincerely apologize. ive gotten mad over stupid and childish things, makin it difficult to be around me and for that, i am extremely sorry.

Wed May 9th 01

just got back from bowling and i've determined that i hate myself when i play anything that is remotely competitive. if im not winning i get pissed. and i even bowled a 110, my previous highest score was like a 50. and you know, since i've always harbored a hatred for sports, you'd think i wouldnt play them. maybe it was all those years of always being picked last in gym class, being the fat kid, and my contempt for people who were good in sports. sorry i cant play games and enjoy em, i just cant do it. sorry.

Mon May 7th 01

for sumo wrestlers rockin out in the new weezer video click --> here. of course you need an unzip utility to unzip it, but after that, enjoy.

exam tomorrow at 8am. ugh. just got back from the library, its too quiet there, need to close my door and pimp some snoop dawg, excuse me, snoop dogg. some idiots car alarm has been goin off for about 5 mintues and its right next to my window. i need to get back to studyin.

am i son i think i am, am i the friend i think i am am i the man i think i wanna be?
Train - I Am

Sun May 6th 01

i was just wondering today, while wasting my mind doin visual basic stuff, and i was thinkin about the whole minority issue in america. it seems that everyone is one unless you're a white male. maybe its the whole 'feeling left out' issue, but i think its messed up. somehow, because there is a 'majority' of us, we're somehow oppressors(sic). F that crap. and yes, according to the US Census, white americans are the majority by alot. but how does the amount of white americans account for oppression? it doesnt, and its lying, cheating F-ups like jesse jackson that stir up crap, when there is no crap to be stirred. you know what i say, screw him and all of those affirmative action people, that believe in race over merit. yea, whatever.

got two exams this week, mgmt212 and comp hard/software. i get to use notes on the comp exam but got a feeling he'll make it horribly hard because of it. seeing as how im at work, and theres no print jobs, i should be studyin. yea i think i'll do that.

Sat May 5th 01

im tired as hell. just got back from shockoe bottom. fighting gravity and squirrel nut zippers kept me entertained. man, fighting gravity was 10 times better than i imagined. covered land down under, and i think mr beyer would have enjoyed the FG redition of'you spin me round' squirrel nut zippers were pretty good and lauren got me to swing dance. it was a site to be held. create a meal is callin my name.


i was lookin through richmond timesdispatch classifieds today, and every damn technical job requires F-cking experience! what the hell!! it seems that no matter how hard i'll try, i'll never get a technical job cause i dont know anyone who works in one. ugh! and dont tell me to stop complaining cause i've been lookin for jobs since the beginning of april, and i think i have a right to complain.

Fri May 4th 01

tired as all get out. need to get rested up for Cinco De Mayo, never understood how a beer company can make a non american holiday so popular. and that holiday is celebrated on the wrong day. actually, i can cause americans are dumb. yea so, the festivities begin at down near shockoe bottom, downtown with Ban Caribe, fighting gravity, and squirrel nut zippers. should be fun. in fact, i know it will be with lauren and vina up in dat mix.

a little christmas gift for cat lovers everywhere: here.

Thu May 3rd 01

never really watched survivor. didnt like it much. martha convinced me to turn it on. the old lady won. now bryant gumbel is interviewing all of them, how quaint. man that gumbel is a jackass. worked on some vb tonight, think i'll finish it up tomorrow. for now, its tv.

Mon April 30th 01

Wednesday May 2nd, Manpower, 1051 E. Cary St., 9am. lets just hope this works out so i can stop worryin about this crap. i have to take a shower/get ready for class @ 11.

Sun April 29th 01

im sittin here, watchin fight club. and i was thinkin about how much i used to hate it. and how we used to watch it all the time. now i like it. and that got me thinkin about my friends, and that got me thinkin about the past two years and how they've been the best of my life. and how its all about to end in less than a week. see at the end of last year, we all knew we'd see each other again, just that we'd be livin in different places. now its like those friends arent coming back. its like we're leaving each other. and even tho we may visit each other, it wont be the same. man i hate this. i've become so dependant on my friends, i dont know how to deal without then. i have to work tomorrow at 9, and its 1. im goin to bed.

current music : the anniversary - without panasos

sometimes i just wonder if its out convienence or if its just me.

went to the computer show with nate. got me a hub, wanted to buy a ton of crap, but to buy things, you kinda need money. there was one thing that was at the shows last year that was missing from this one. NO PORN! we were very disappointed. no old men to laugh at. damn, still fun times were had. clothes are dry. time to get it.

Sat April 28th 01

just waiting for this to be over, but once it is, i'll be wishing it never ended.

Fri April 27th 01

news flash! weezer! June 1st and 2nd! Washington, DC! woo hooo! ok im done. bout to go the hollywood cemetary with nate. you know, i was sitting at work today, and i was thinkin how nice it would be for someone to just happen to need someone to train networking. you know, just to hire someone to show them the ropes. that kinda stuff. then my thought balloon was popped by reality. david, now you now that things dont work out that way. hell, coulda fooled me. im getting out of this apartment.

and the haze clears from your eyes, on a sunday.-jimmy eat world

Thur April 26th 01

just got back from IV. nice way to end the year. bill shoulda gone, but didnt. bout to go over to the graphics lab to get my cds. and oh yes, my beyonce', from destiny's child is on muchmusic. delightful. now its the josh joplin group. they sound pretty good. kool aid time.

Tues April 24th 01

recommended music : ozma - lloraine

< anti naysayer rant >
yea i got my dmb tickets in the mail. and yes, i/we paid alot for em. and you know what, i dont care. i like the band, and so does everyone else who pays to see em. im sorry not all bands can be like other bands who just play small clubs. get over it. if someone doesnt like the ticket prices or the band, oh well, more seats for the fans.
< /anti naysayer rant >

yea so, im bored and i wanna go to bed. yea i think i'll do that.

Sat April 21th 01

i havent posted in a week. and for those who read, i apologize. martha v had brought to my attention that my page was lackin an update and i told lauren that i was gonna do a complete overhaul of my page.. well that was supposed to be done today, but i hadnt even started on it yet. woke up to find water had been spilled on my keyboard, had to dismantle and dry that puppy, then i lounged around til lauren and jen took me to the hollywood cemetary. that place is awesome. i should be workin on project 5 for visual basic, but im bout to go to piccolas with jon, a chicken pamesan sub will meet its demise.

He knows just what to do When it comes to the girls He writes them poetry And he picks them flowers He knows just what to say When it comes to the ladies Knows how to make a girl smile How to drive a girl crazy aw yea. thats me.

Sat April 14th 01

i gotta recommend some good music
Pat McGee Band - Pride (live)
Pat McGee Band - Passion (live)

lets see, today was mostly uneventful, if you dont count for the bike ride, the cookout and trip to best buy even tho it was closed. i bought kool-aid, the 'grape illusion' ooo. it tastes like grape, but its red. weird. tomorrow im goin for a bike ride with jen and lauren. who knows what madness will ensue. i think i might go to bed cause im tired and bored.

Fri April 13th 01

just found out more information about this water damage crap to our apartment. lovely. nothing like having a completely clueless cosigner. im not gonna explain cause i dont feel like typing the whole thing out, but im really annoyed. what the hell.

caution: annoyed white male speaking his mind

today i realized:
1)all of my friends have girlfriends but me. now im not sayin i want a girlfriend just because everyone else has em, but whatever.
2)some of those relationships are more serious than i ever would have imagined
3)at 20 i still havent had a girlfriend
4)i need to stop whining about not having a girlfriend.
5)i want someone to give me a job so i dont have to look for one myself.
6)nice guys always finish last. i dont care what anyone says. thats just how it is, as messed up as that sounds.

what have we learned today kids?
Nice guys finish last?
good job.

Tues April 10th 01

today was beastly hot for in the middle of april and now its startin to storm. im pretty sure its the first storm of the year, well for at least richmond. had my comp hardware test today, it was open note, dont think i did too well on it even tho it was open note. doesnt matter. i think i might actually go to KG on thursday cause my sister is gonna be up til friday and i havent seen her since christmas. unreal tournament calls.

Sun April 8th 01

Much of Gnutella's potential power, its backers say, comes not from its anonymity but from its lack of a central server. The RIAA's strategy is to approach ISPs instead of file traders, asking the service providers to block access to Napster-like facilities as if they were Web pages or other sites hosted on the ISPs' servers.
-Cnet News

dont you just love the RIAA? who the hell do they think they are. they can blow me.

ive got quite a bit of tweaking left on my vb project. so i'll be sitting at my computer again all day. might go to the river later on, if i can get my bike tire pumped up. yea i think i'll do that.