Tues April 24th 01

recommended music : ozma - lloraine

< anti naysayer rant >
yea i got my dmb tickets in the mail. and yes, i/we paid alot for em. and you know what, i dont care. i like the band, and so does everyone else who pays to see em. im sorry not all bands can be like other bands who just play small clubs. get over it. if someone doesnt like the ticket prices or the band, oh well, more seats for the fans.
< /anti naysayer rant >

yea so, im bored and i wanna go to bed. yea i think i'll do that.

Sat April 21th 01

i havent posted in a week. and for those who read, i apologize. martha v had brought to my attention that my page was lackin an update and i told lauren that i was gonna do a complete overhaul of my page.. well that was supposed to be done today, but i hadnt even started on it yet. woke up to find water had been spilled on my keyboard, had to dismantle and dry that puppy, then i lounged around til lauren and jen took me to the hollywood cemetary. that place is awesome. i should be workin on project 5 for visual basic, but im bout to go to piccolas with jon, a chicken pamesan sub will meet its demise.

He knows just what to do When it comes to the girls He writes them poetry And he picks them flowers He knows just what to say When it comes to the ladies Knows how to make a girl smile How to drive a girl crazy aw yea. thats me.