piebald - 12.21pm 3.8.02
current music : don & mike radio show

yes! my tax refund was just deposited into my account. now i can buy that car stereo i want tomorrow. muhaha. now i wont have to drive for 2 hours each to the Death Cab for Cutie show on tuesday with out any music.

cry freedom - 10.52am 3.8.02
current music : juliana theory - into the dark

well its friday, and thats good stuff. quality entertainment there. nate is getting here after he gets off work, and we'll probably end up going to Su Casa. mexican food at its finest. one question tho, why do they serve baklava? i wanna do something this weekend besides sitting in my apartment. maybe a bike ride will be in store. muhaha. too bad lauren and jen are on spring brekak. this weekend, i plan on finishing setting up the emachines with Sun Solaris8. only deal is that i really want to make it a router. hmm, router or unix? i think i would have more fun with the router and i would use it more. hmm i wonder if i can setup solaris as a router. i bet theres a way.if i can do that, i'll have the best of both worlds. i'll have to check to see if solaris includes IPChains & IPTables.
weird thing is, im listening to dave matthews. after they put out the Everyday album, i was in disgust with them. i guess i was mad at them for putting out such garbage haha. but i never stopped enjoying their older stuff. they're extremely talented, whether you enjoy their music or not. its funny how some of the people that hate them, absolutely abhor them, listen to 3 chord punk. dont get me wrong, i enjoy the 3 chord stuff every now and again, but honestly it doesnt take that much talent to play 3 chords. i know someone is gonna take that the wrong way, oh well, F you. this is my page.

i'd give you my hand, if you'd reach out and grab it

aerials - 11.03am 3.7.02
current music : system of a town - toxicity cd

i need this weekend to relax, what better way than to hang with a good friend. nathaniel richmond granzow is coming down. should be good times. as always. maybe the hollywood cemetary is will be on the agenda. i just gotta chill out this weekend. or i might explode. my schedule isnt stressful its just busy, but i make it stressful by letting it get to me.

last night in class ruled. both of em. both were labs, good stuff. unix we did command stuff, creating file/folder structures, basic use stuff. in fiber optics, we actually got to mess with the fiber. we each had our own tool sets and about 4 feet of fiber cable. we striped down the cable of each of its 5 layers. the jacket, cladin, coat, kevlar and then the actual fiber. its incredible how much information can travel across a sliver of glass thinner than a human hair. then you compare it to copper (category x; where x is any number between 1 and 6). its just incredible the different in size copper is to fiber and how much less throughput it can handle. at first, i was having a hard time stripping off the cladin and i would just snap the whole cable along with the fiber, but i had a busted stripper. got a new one and i to' that mofo up. not to bust on VCU, but i would have never touched anything like that in a class, we'd be reading a book about how to. just like the hardware/software class i took there, the whole damn class was book learning, not once did we open a computer up. F'n ridiculous. my 2nd day of class in my PC maintenance class at ECPI, we completely gutted a computer. ok im done bashing vcu. they are my employer after all. which i find kind of ironic.

different note: Six Feet Under is a great show on HBO. it reminds me of my family, everyone with their own problems, and thats what makes it all great in the end. through dysfunction, gathering.

i am but one small instrument - 11.55pm 3.4.02
current music : jimmy eat world - goodbyeskyharbor

its about 12am. march 4th. and i really feel compelled to write this cause if i dont do it now, i know i wont do it later. check this:
Lucky Denver Mint

This time it's on my own.
Minutes from somewhere else.
Somewhere I made a wish with Lucky Denver Mint.
Hurry go on ahead.
Good things won't let you wait.
I'll catch up when we get home.
At home I'll leave.
A dollar under water keeps on dreaming for me.
You're not bigger than this, not better.
Why can't you learn.
a great song, fantastic. simply put, desribes what i think, almost all 18-21 year old's state of mind. you're on the brink of heading off into the deep unknown, and you know you have to, you know you should, and as much as you want to go, you dont want to leave, something is holding you back. Hurry go on ahead... Good things won't let you wait.. I'll catch up when we get home.that absolutely kills me everytime i hear it. the feeling it gives me is beyond words. its like the friends on graduation night, wanting to leave so fucking bad to party, only to realize in a few months, it wont be the same. everything is leading up to an end. there is an end to everything. no matter how good it is, it will never be as good as your greatest moment. cause as soon as you plataeu, it ends. i swear, every damn song reminds me of the past two years i had at vcu. and in a way, i wish it was back to the way it was, and then i wish it wasnt. am i the only one who thinks like this? nate or jon, do you guys think about this as much as i do? anyone else think about this? i mean, we spend 4 years in high school, dying to get out, once we are, we're petrified, spend another 4 years in college, (the best time of my life) once out, then whats next? is life just a constant cycle of X number of years. reaching all those goals to only find another waiting at the top of the hill? and i used to say that you just live everyday for that day, but with that, whats next. whats the next day? and the next day? and the next day? what is it all worth? im not suicidal, just mental. please comment on this. click here to add comment. although this comment page doesnt mean i've added comment functionality to this page, just that i think i need feedback on this and this is the best way to do it.

strip clubs - 10.00am 3.4.02
current music : BNL - lovers in a dangerous time

yea so i havent updated in about 5 days. sue me. tripod is being a bitch. im gonna try and work out moving all my stuff to hostrocket. lets see, how did this weekend work out? well friday night, jon came over, we played some games and stuff. it was good times, some of the most fun i've had in awhile. stacy came over later on that evening, she tried to slip me some tongue, as usual, but i wasnt up for it. they went home sometime late that night/morning, i cant remember. i got up around 10 that next morning, got ready to head to KG. ended up gettin there around 12.30, stayed at my moms for about 2 hours visiting my family and my girl. i had things to tend to in MD. so i went up there. mission failed, but i did get to see daniel and that was pretty cool. got back to richmond around 5. studied up some fiber optics and Unix. i got to install Sun Solaris 8 on the 'linux box'. which will be nice to have something to practice/study on at home. much to everyone working at 912 w. grace st 's surprise and disappointment, the classiest strip joint in richmond, the Red Light Inn, is closing. never forget when my boss said, 'damn there goes my lunch hour'. classic.

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