Tues Mar 6th 01

David Gray White Ladder is one hell of an album. extremely recommended. not much in terms of news on me, except that im gonna drop accounting. seems that the ol' D didnt do too well on his last test, and theres no way he can get a B in the class. now i can focus on more important things. like, gettin some more hours in at work possibly on thurs. nothin like a little extra $$ to help with payin the bill i get from your mom every week.

Mon Mar 5th 01

in case you cant tell, the picture to the right is a setlist. oh and what setlist would that be? one of the greatest ever played. weezer, 3/2, Bender Arena. oh yea, just thought i'd brag some more. it seems that the charlottesville DMB show sold out in one day, hmmm sucks to be you if you wanted tickets, me on the other hand will be at the rfk show, that is, if i can get tickets. management sucks and i have homework. damn.

recommended download of the day:
ozma - korobeiniki (tetris) & Weezer - Island in the Sun. good good stuff. not quite as good as schnoggin your sister tho.

i was goin through my yahoo mail account, the one that i used this past summer for simplicity reasons, and i came across some old emails i had written and recieved. its kinda odd to read what you've written in the past, its almost as if you dont recognize that its you. back to the story at hand, i read some email about how excited everyone was to get back down to richmond and see everybody, how we were all gonna hook up and have a great time this year. not that i havent had a great time with everyone, cause i have. it seems to me that absence does make the heart grow fonder. you spend an entire year in a dorm with all of your friends and then you dont really see anyone for about 4 months, you get excited and anxious, then you move back in town just as they do, and you get back into the rythmn and rhyme, taking everyone for granted. sometimes even dreading seeing some people. thinkin about that makes me mad. i have some of the greatest friends here, and yet, i still take them for granted. damnit. im just still in wonder of what im doin in terms of living situations for next year. i dont know where i want to go, stay here or go somewhere else. who knows.

Sat Mar 3th 01

just got from nova (the world of all that is evil). last night went to possibly the best show i've been to. weezer, ozma and getupkids. hell yea. almost died in the pit, well not really. ozma kicked some ass. nate yelled at Star, the keyboard chick, that he loved her and she smiled. star is mine and i have proclaimed it, it will come true. put on a great show. the getupkids blew me away. damn good. and of course, weezer was the pinnacle of the evening. so many freakin people. we thought the flying W had died and been buried. oh but loe and behold, the weezer, pulled a trick. the curtain dropped halfway into the show and out comes the flying W. all in all, one of best. and they better come back around with ozma (for bills sake). time for tv

Wed Feb 28th 01

you know, it seems to me, the more i listen to everyday, the more i realize the whore of a producer glen ballard. why the band decided to drop steve lillywhite as producer, i dont really know. the only redeemable song on this cd is, 'everyday' and thats only cause its acoustic and songs alot more like dmb. my motto is and to use a cliche, if it aint broke, dont fix it. whatever. i wont speak of this album cause like almost all dmb fans i know, im not a fan of it. on another note, im goin to the bank.

Tue Feb 27th 01

just got back from work, nothing like 5 hours of complete bordom. listened to both weezer cds ( oh yea, did i mention that the weezer/getupkids/ozma show is on friday? muhah) and the brand spakin new dave matthews cd. yes folks, i did hold out from downloadin it from napster, twas hard, but i did it. in terms of a review, im not really gonna go into detail cause thats what rolling stone is for, even tho, up until now they hated dmb and always gave their previous albums 1 stars, all of the sudden, dmb has become their baby. whatever. the cd is definetely a change, but you still know its dmb. theres not much of meddling in other types of styles, like on before these crowded streets (i.e., The last stop). Everyday is more like a straight out band playin the songs and thats it. no experimentation. although it seems that leroi and boyd have kind of been shoved into the background on this album, almost like the volume has been turned down on their instruments, which can be a good thing. as much as i like dmb, sometimes the sax can be too much. all in all, not as good as their previous stuff, but its growin on me, so who knows.

Mon Feb 26th 01

if you happen to be in the market for a 10x, slot loading dvd drive, click here. im sellin this one to get a faster one. its only 48.00 with one bid and it ends in two days. bid away.

Sun Feb 25th,2001

just a quick, what the hell?! i cant believe that ISPs are acutally falling for this. damn, time i checked people are paying for their internet access, and they should be able to do what ever they damn well please, irregardless of what the F the RIAA thinks. its not a matter of me being upset about not being able to get free music, its a matter of the RiAA keeping their nosey asses out of what ever i do online or anyone for that matter.

correction: dave did play the baritone/electric guitar last night. turns out they had some technical problems and last night after i posted, dmb played another song, 'the space between' and man, that song kicked ass. its a slow one, sort of like crash into me, but in my opinion, much better. i highly suggest downloadin it. new album countdown, 28 hours. oh yea!

dmb was just on SNL. played their new song of course, 'i did it'. wasnt bad. although i dont know why dave chose to go with the acoustic guitar intstead of the electric. i guess i'll have to wait til june to see how its gonna sound at rfk. hell yea. its gonna rock the house.

Sat Feb 24th,2001

just got back from waldorf again, went to see some people. nothin pisses me off more than people who dont turn their high beams off. its common courtesy to not blind the other drivers. damn.

just got back from ruby tuesdays. good food. not bad. had a buffalo chicken sandwich. i hear my intestine callin. might have to make a visit to mr porcelain in a few.

on another note, during the hour wait until we could be seated, i strolled good ol' st charles towne center, and happened upon waves music. took a look inside, noticed they had a sale goin. lookin through the selection, i found myself torn between mxpx-let it happen, matthew good band - beautiful midnight, and pat mcgee band - shine. having seen pat mcgee, i figured i would grab that one, plus i have let it happen and most of beautiful midnight on my comp. well, logic would follow.

Fri Feb 23rd,2001

suggested download of the day: Counting Crows - Flying Demos (all 13 songs). it rocks the money

nothing quite like driving 2 hours from richmond to waldorf, md. so yea, im in MD. thats right. nap-town worldwide sucka. yea, im at my dads. turns out, he got rid of his dog. good thing, i think they were gettin tired of it pissin and crappn on their bed, stupid whore of a dog. its not delivery, its digiorno. pizza time.

Tue Feb, 20th 2001

oh yea, that would be mr. matthews to the left. he is now deemed psycho guardian over my page. you will abide by his rules. muahhha. actually, i just wanted somewhere to put it cause its one of the funniest pictures i've seen. enjoy.

Sat Feb, 17th,2001

just uploaded the 2/12/01 BNL show. hell yea. most of them turned out better. they look better on the actual film, but i had to scan them at a lower res so you dial up users wont time out. anyway, heres the link BNL 2/12/01 Pics

Wed Feb, 13th,2001

all the times that i cried
all this wasting
it's all inside
and i feel all this pain
stuffed it down
it's back again
and i lie here in bed
all alone
i can't help what i feel
tomorrow will be okay
'outside'-aaron lewis

i've got to get this off of my chest and if it applies to you, im sorry. in terms of money, why is it when you have it you get it, when you dont, you wont?

another thing, you know what i say to valentines day? screw it. if you need a commercialized holiday to show someone you love them, then you dont deserve that person. F-this.

Tue Feb, 13th,2001

last night rocked like hell. how can you beat BNL in 4000 seat arena? you cant. was fourth row, steve side and i got pictures, nearly got the camera taken away. i'll have the pictures uploaded when i can. hell yea.

Sun Feb, 11th,2001

i want this like i your mom.

today is feb 11th, tomorrow is feb 12th and you know what that means, bnl is coming to vcu. hells F-in yea.gotta skip class early so i can be here when courtney and alex get here. work time, gotta get my accounting done asap.

Fri Feb, 9th,2001

side note, drew barrymore is hot.

another musical recommendation. jepetto. think 311 meets go-go meets rock. good good stuff. they're from the good ol state of MD like myself. as you can tell, maryland produces some fine human beings.

Wed Feb, 7th,2001

bear with the disgusting layoyt. im aiming for a different look, but it didnt work out as i thought it would. should be correct by friday. in other news, its taco night and im hungry. the toilet will thank me tonight.

Tue Feb, 6th,2001

seems that RNS has leaked a pre-release copy of the new dave matthews album, meaning napsters got it. like a nun abstaining from sex, i'll hold off from downloadin it. oh the agony.

this has to be the coolest thing i've seen in a long time -->How to upgrade your TiVo

i dont understand why people call in when they know that other people will have to cover for them. it has to be the rudest thing that you can do to a co-worker. eat me brian, you dirty whore.

Fri Feb 2nd, 2001

happy groundhog day. for some g-hog delights go here. if you're wondering if Paux. Phil saw his shadow, well, just gotta find out for yourself.

Thu Feb 1st, 2001

spoke to my advisor today. he was the bearer of bad news. looks like dave wont be an INFO major unless he decides to take about two years of other classes to bring up his gpa. All i can say is, 'good job, dave!' who know what the hell im gonna do now. i sure as hell dont. i have to make some extremely thoughtful decisions in the coming months and im sure they wont be easy to make.

i've become a failure to myself. the one thing i wanted so badly in life, poof! gone. i took it all for granted and i made an ass out of myself. nothing can change that and it never will. i have no drive to continue at VCU, but who knows what i'll end up doing. i need time to think.

Thu Jan 25th, 2001

just did a little math, and i may not be able to be an INFO major. damnit. 1)email advisor to get things straight: check. side note, im still 19 and without a girl. about to be 20 without a girl. dont bother with pity cause i pity myself.

Thu Jan 25th, 2001

long time no update. i've been pretty busy and when i havent, i was just lazy. class goin well, accounting still sucks, and it will always. im thinkin a new site design. not sure when that might be implemented, who does. when i gets the free time, i'll chip at it a bit. for now, food time.

Thu Jan 18th, 2001

I look straight in the window, try not to look below Pretend I'm not up here, try counting sheep But the sheep seem to shower off this office tower Nine-point-eight straight down I can't stop my knees.

I wish I could fly From this building, from this wall And if I should try, would you catch me if I fall?

My hands clench the squeegee, my secular rosary Hang on to your wallet, hang on to your rings Can't look below me, or something might throw me Curse at the windstorms that October brings.

I look in the boardroom; a modern pharaoh's tomb I'd gladly swap places, if they care to dive They're lined up at the window, peer down into limbo They're frightened of jumping, in case they survive.

I wish I could step from this scaffold onto soft green pastures, shopping malls, or bed With my family and my pastor and my grandfather who's Dead

Look straight in the mirror, watch it come clearer I look like a painter, behind all the grease But paintings creating, and I'm just erasing A crystal-clear canvas is my masterpiece

'when i fall' ~ BnL

Tue Jan 16th, 2001

you know, its simple and common decency to shut the hell up with the professors are talking. stupid hoes talkin about how someone they know is in their other class. who the HELL cares. first day of class, i already get homework. i could see if it applied to the class, but its an assignment on basic algebra rules. damn. tomorrow should be a good day, work til 12 or 1, then go to class from 330 til 645. turns out that i have a 45 min block of free time between those two classes. damn. was hopin that could just go from VB to Comp. hard/software, with no breaks. math homework time.

Mon Jan 15th, 2001

classes start tomorrow. my first one starts @ 11, differential calc/optimazation. then i got accounting II at 2. whoopa de do da. coulda been worse, could have had an 8am class. man, that would suck. just got dreamweaver ultradev. hoping that i can use some of its goodies. like casacading style sheets. leave me be to my dreamweaver.