Saturday October 14, 2000 2:49pm
Thursday October 5rd, 2000 5:39pm
MTV is a waste of TV airwaves. 'sisquo's shakedown'? Aside from the lovely ladies, the show has absolutely no meaning what so ever. also, another thing that gets me is why in the hell did i see Vinnie yesterday. For those of you who dont know who the Vinyard is, he was the reason for all things foul in Room 1018 last year in Rhoads Hall. The year was going well. I hadnt seen him til yesterday afternoon. To my advantage, he didnt see me, so i just kept walking. test tomorrow for macroeconomics, gotta study.
Tuesday October 3rd, 2000 10:45pm
well we were supposed to get DSL activated today, of course, as with all things Verizon, something on their end wont let us setup our account so we can actually go online. other than that, my live is still the mundane one it has been for the past month or so. time for some more tv.
Sunday October 1st, 2000 4:22pm
nada para mi decir
Wednesday September 27, 2000 9:36pm
DISCLAIMER: i often feel the need to write, out of anger, sadness, or just plain for reason at all. I dont care what anyone thinks of this page or how i write, or what i write about, its my page and it will stay that way and if you dont like it, then theres the Back button.

that being said, i will move on. you know, i got to thinking about things, as usual, and i realized that life is annoying. just when you think things are all ok, a thought pops into your head, and boom! suddenly your nice little world (mind) goes haywire. Things dont look the same as they used to, people dont seem the same. Something happens, and the cycle begins again. Judging from personal experience, life must be a constant ferris wheel. Up and down, up and down, and just when you think you can get off of the ride for a while, the operator makes you go around again. my eyes are growing heavy so, the bed calls me.
Saturday September 16, 2000 3:40pm
lets see, alot of things have happened since the last post, some of which arent even worthy of posting here. 1)flood damage to a our apartment: we went to a football game, came back found blowers and our kitchen was all went. Our building sent us a bill for cleanup of our apartment and the girl below us for $960. They claim that we left our faucet on. stupid whores. 2)i got a job working at the Pollack building (art center) as a lab monitor. All i do is sit at a computer screen for 5 hours a day (sat and sun) and make sure no one steals the quark keys from the back of the comps. 3)i will be officially declared as a business major on monday. woo hoo. now all i have to do is bring my GPA up .7 points.
i must begin to read The Republic of Plato, what a whore of a book. so having said that, i must be going now.
Thursday August 31, 2000 11:45pm
long time no update, huh? lets just say that counting crows didnt live up to the expectations that i had, but they did entertain nonetheless. Live kick some major ass i must add. Classes are alright this semester, Philosophy 103, Accounting 203, Economics 211, and Mangement 171. My hardest class should be econ, but who knows. I have begun to feel unmotivated lately, it seems that the people around me are motivated beyond comprehension, yet i lack that drive or necessity to strive for better things. i mean, i want a college degree and a nice job, but it seems that i dont feel 'pushed' to do it for myself. Man, maybe its just that im lazy, or maybe im not meant to graduate from college, or maybe i'll just barely get through in life. Who knows, cause i sure as hell dont.
Saturday August 19, 2000 4:23pm
today is saturday, and im feeling kinda shytey. however the new computer is ordered, aww yea. athlon 600mhz. i know its not as fast as it could be, but damnit, anything is better than a celeron 400.

this friday is the day of fun. Counting Crows and Live, va beach amphitheater! show will be awesome and of course, the usual gang will join yours truly, minus a one or two people. tis time for some food.
Wednesday August 16, 2000 6:53pm
you know, i really dont want to hear how corn gave a neighbor diarreha, nor how ear drops cleaned out the wax from his ears, but living in this damn house, you hear alot of things that you dont want to. I cant wait to be out of this house for good and i will never move into this place ever again. 1030 west franklin. aw yea.
Friday July 28, 2000 9:01am
just got back from richmond for the weekend. no shit to worry about. damn i hate it here in waldorf. i just wanna get back to school. only three more weeks to go.
Friday July 28, 2000 9:01am
finally the weekend. its about damn time. You know i have begun to think that all management sucks ass. heres an example why i think this, well two. 1.we had just gotten off of break, and we were walking back to chemicals to stock about 50 palettes. Nancy, the department manager, (she is an excemption to the managerial rule) asked us to look @ something, so all three of us stopped and looked @ a bottle that had the top torn off. she asked one of us to put the top back on. no sooner than mike grabbed the bottle, asshole #1(joe) and asshole #2(lee)walk by. we were just about to walk over to the palettes and get working. Then joes little whore ass yells over, get your damn hands of your pockets and get the hell to work. we yell back, we just got over here, and he yells, i dont care. what a fuckin whore, hes only trying to show how tough he is in front the store manager lee only cause he wants him, that bald mutha fu*ka. i think its time for some more food.

update (9:40am) you know, i've been thinking, am i ever going to get a girlfriend? or will i forever trek the earth alone. im gettin damn sick of it. i just needed to speak my peace.
Sunday July 23, 2000 4:41pm
'suck it Trebek, suck it long, suck it hard.' if you know what that means, then you got the joke, if you didnt, then start watching SNL. Im bored out of my mind, and i have to work tonight @ 10. Damnit, but at least i get paid. should be around $300. hellsyea. dont say a word mr. granzow or mr. beyer.
Thursday July 20, 2000 6:36pm
What kickass show. It rained, it poured, it was amazing. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals were ten times better than i ever could have imagined. As for Ozomatli, we only caught about 2 songs of theirs, but when they finished their last song, the whole 10 man band out and played on the floor right in front of us for a little jam session. In-F-in-credible. DMB began with 'jon the revelator' and ended with an incredible redition of All Along the Watchtower, played with Ben Harper. I must say that new songs played, 'grey street' and 'grace is gone' are both amazing, hopefully forcasting how good the upcoming album is. I have gotten about 6 hours of sleep in the last few days well maybe more than that, therefore, i need some sleep. Plus, i think im gettin sick.
The set list was as follows: JTR, True Reflections, Too Much, #41, Crash, Drive In Drive Out, Grey Street, Lie In Our Graves, Best of Whats Around, Long Black Veil, Stay, Bartender, Two Step, Ants Marching, Grace Is Gone, Watchtower (w/ Ben Harper)

I was there.
Tuesday July 18, 2000 6:43am
Work wasnt that bad this morning, setting up registers are easy as hell and the night went by fast. I've figured that if just sit back and watch people do stuff, (aka be lazy) i'll eventually learn how to do stuff.
Tomorrow is the DMB show, hells yea, one fierce, crazy show. I think its time for bed.
Wednesday July 12, 2000 7:47am
Just got back from work. I love shoveling loose broken tile peices, its fun. It seems D. Counts has had a stroke of regretfulness tonight. He actually apologized for being such a dick this past week; i am impressed. My spindle of 50 cdrs will be here today, only $16.95. Man i love how market supply affects market value. (damn, i actually did learn something in Econ210). Its time for bed cause im tired.
Monday July 10, 2000 4:32pm
Its 4 days till DMB, Ben Harper, and Ozomatli! Hells yea. that is gonna be one killer show. Nothing quite like a tailgate party before a dave matthews show. Note to self: do not place full gallons Sunny Delight on the floor. Dog will chew handle and make mess. I am a loser, i am online on a sat. night. I am going to wallow in my self pity until 11:30 (SNL, aww yea)
Monday July 10, 2000 4:32pm
Management never ceases to amaze me about how stupid they are. Instead of doing things in a timely, organized manner, they insist on doing them in a completely stupid, assinine way. Instead of moving from the obvious to the discreet, all managers seem to think that moving from the discreet to the obvious is thte way to go. It looks like its about to storm like mad. Manager D. Counts seems to think that David Epp will be reporting to work two hours early, but he is sadly mistaken.
Update: 5:43pm -- I was thinking today, since Tarzan has never had any human contact for his entire life, how can he even want Jane. I would think he would want some unsuspecting baboon, but apparently, the story is completely wrong, because i know that i am right.
Sunday July 9, 2000 12:22am
SNL is a good one tonight. Nothing like a little R.E.M. Again, im bored and downloading songs, trying to get a cd full for my sister. Ben Harper mp3s are nice. Ready 2 Rumble is a good game. Im speaking in short sentences.
Saturday July 8, 2000 1:45am
Well, im tired and bored. Napster is being good tonight (5.6k/sec on dialup). Went to richmond today to sign my lease. Oh yes, David does have an apartment, 1030 W. Franklin. Rents' a tad steep (400 a month) but thats with heat and water included, so it kind of evens out. In case you havent heard, I finally have a job. Yep, remodeling Wal-Mart. Nothing like graveyard shift, but there is one good thing about that time slot, no dumb assed shoppers. Next week is carpet week, YES! I get to replace dirty carpet. My bed calls. If i can ever fall asleep.