Sat. December 9, 2000 1:06am

'i was walkin in memphis, walkin with my feet ten feet off of beale, walkin in memphis, but do i really feel the way i feel

Sat. December 9, 2000 12:40am

im pissed and i dont know why.
'I want to defend defenseless, let the meek inherit the earth. And your intelligence give you nothing to mask your ignorance. Since theres a God above to judge whats right and wrong. Your careless attitude will soon be gone.'


Friday December 2, 2000 1:43pm

just streamlined some code. took out the table at the top, made it an image map.. still gotta figure out that gap of black space. any ideas? i'll figure that out later.

Thursday December 7, 2000 12:08pm

just thought you people might enjoy this, well if you're a republican.