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backinblack - 8.56pm / 01.03.02
current music : rusted root - magenta radio

what do we have here? a new design AND about 7 inches of snow in Richmond? well slap me silly and call me Shirley. Two bonuses in one day. rock. so yea, theres alot of snow on the ground. so i get up early to get ready and leave a bit early so i can get to work on time. i leave at 815, have to be there at 9. roads covered in snow/ice, not easy riding a bike and i sure as hell didnt wanna drive my car, i think my bike was safer. took me 30 mins for a 10 min trip. lock my bike at the gate, slide my ID card, and the door 'unlocks' but its deadbolted. i call rocky to see if VCU was closed and sure enough it was. damn im an idiot, i knew i should have checked that before i treched (is that even a word?) across Richmond. came back. relaxed for a bit. then headed off to Plan9, only a few blocks away, to get tickets for the Further Seems Forever show in Feburary at Alley Katz. get there, its closed. why the hell dont i call ahead. oh well. came back, played w/ this new design and aboot 50 other things and bout 6 hours later, im done. hope you like it. shoot me a line on AIM @ freeefalln or email .